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    Hello all ,

    First post on the site , come here often and read posts and finally decided to join in . Well let's see . Started out in buisness 3 years ago doing bushogging and dirt work on the side with my old kubota , just for cash , bought a scag , and started doing res. and com. accounts , sold off kubota and bought a 2004 new holland tc 30 4x4 w/ front end loader , have tons of implements , favorite is a 5' tiller , awesome ... and now after 3 years in the buisness part time , I just bought a 2007 dodge dually to tow everything . I lost alot of residential accounts this year , well really let em go and am strictly sticking with com now , I'm sick of dealing with res. working my butt off for less money and more gripes , com. is where its at , down to only three rental properties left and looking to pick up a few more , but I stay really busy on the loader and doing tree's . Grass is more for fill in work . Love the buisness would love to go full time one day , but this area is way to competitive for me . Anyone out there from the st. john , st james area , drop a line

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