Do any of you guys give a client a gift after you complete their project?


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So you complete the project. It went great. The family you worked with was great the entire time, great communication, organized and very impressive.

After you get paid up have you ever sent them a gift for being such a pleasure to work for? Maybe a gift card for a dinner, discount for work?

Just wondered what others have done or feel about this.

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Umm - NO



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I've never done that but it doesn't sound like a bad idea. Sort of a thanks for the business, gift. Include a nice little letter and a gift card they can use to buy fertilizer for their new garden or send some grilling utensils if you installed a grill.

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I'll give a giftcard for the Christmas season to say thanks for the project or an account. I try to find out what they like and gear it towards that if it's a restaurant or golf store stuff like that.

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I send out Christmas cards for all of my customers during the year and handwrite a message about thanking them and anything specific about the job I can think of and I usually get quite a few calls in the spring for additional work. I have contemplated giving gifts for large projects but feel if I hire someone to do work and they give me a gift it seems as they could have just charged extra for it in the proposal and turned around and gave it to you as a "gift".


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Does an invoice count?


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If they were a great customer I give them the satisfaction that I will actually answer the phone when they call.

On the other hand, if it is one of the customers who stands over your shoulder and tries to tell us how to do our job, they get the gift of always getting my voicemail and me returning the call at MY convenience.


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They get the gift of a job well done?

Why would I give them a gift? You already got the job, you're work should stand good enough to get you further work. No gifts required.

Sending a christmas card, a mid summer hey, we're still here, have a coupon, sure. But not a gift.

This is a service industry. Do you expect your waitress to give you a gift after the meal? Not unless she ****** up your order!