Do any of you have incentives to be safe on jobs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMowerBoy48, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. LawnMowerBoy48

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    At the company I work for if we went 90 days at the begining of the season with out property damage over $250 or a workmans comp. claim we would get to go to six flags New England as a company trip. We didn't get to go on the trip because one of the guys on a mow crew fell asleep behind the wheel and went off the road causing around $800 worth of damages to the trailer. Six flags was considered to be the "big prize" but we also had and still have smaller prizes along the way. For every two weeks we go without an accident two names will be drawn out of a bowl and those two people will get to spin a wheel with prizes on it, money, phone cards, t-shirts, etc. If we go four weeks without an accident four names get drawn, so on and so forth. Anyways we have totally sucked with property damages to workers comp. claims this year and have only gotten to spin the wheel once. What do you guys offer as incentives to your employee's to do better work and be safe?
  2. Scapegoat

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    My incentive is not to get sued or killed. :)

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  4. OMG

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    If you tear something up, you are fired a few seconds before you do it. :)
  5. MrFangs

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    that's a big incentive. mine will be-- if you don't break anything, you get your job!
  6. Shuter

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    My incentive is to stay in business and stay profitable.
  7. lqmustang

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    I'm solo, that's incentive enough.
  8. all ferris

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    My incentive is that I don't want to pay for any damage that I do.
  9. burns60

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    Have had two things happen that make me realize how fast you can get hurt. While trimming up under a hedge, the trimmer picked up a piece of broken beer bottle and "deposited" it into my middle finger. It must have cut a vein or something, because it took forever to stop the bleeding. I thought about how lucky I was that it only hit my hand.

    Then just yesterday while mowing up next to a brick house a sweet gum ball bounced off the wall and hit just in front of my ear. Sounded like I had been shot, and while the pain caused by the sweet gum ball was no picnic to stand, I wondered what kind of injury I would have received had it been a rock.

    So, my incentive is that I have probably used up my "good fortune", but am more aware of the need to be ever mindful of safety.
  10. wbw

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    Your company is looking at this all wrong. They want to change the things that are accidents. The way to do this is by recognizing good, correct, positive behaviors on a consistent basis. The process is called behavior modification. They need to reward the behaviors that lead to fewer or no accidents. What do they do to insure that accidents don't happen? Really, what do they do, WHAT ACTION DO THEY AS MANAGEMENT TAKE TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS??? The rewards are a nice feel good thing. The rewards should be a part of the solution. However, they are rewarding the wrong things ( in this case they would have rewarded pure luck, had you all been lucky enough to not have had these accidents. Lucky is all it would have been though because they should be rewarding the actions that lead to not having accidents. Sorry so long. Any questions let me know.

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