Do any of you offer rototiling as a service?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    I have had alot of people call me to see if i offer rototiling as a service! Most of them just want me to come over and do there garden with no other services needed the rest of the season! Do you think it would be a good investment or just a big pain? If yes then would you buy a tractor mount tiller or a walk behind? Thanks alot i just don't want to start doing it if the money is not there!
  2. Mowman

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    Unless you have a lot of call for this tool, I would just rent it. In my area you can rent one for about $10.00 for four hours. Tack the rental charge on to the price for tilling. If you get more calls for this service you can decide if it would be worth buying one. On the other hand it's just one more piece of equipment to store and service. Therefore myself I would just RENT one when the need came about. Hey, that totaly up to you what to do.
  3. toroman580d

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    Rototilling is how I got started in the business. Although I wouldnt recommend it if you have a lot of mowing jobs because it takes up valuable space on the trailer. I still rototill 30-40 gardens/lawns each spring, but dont advertise for it anymore. As for renting one, $10/4hours sounds pretty cheap - that must be for a little one. I have 2 troybilt horse (8 hp) models that I use and love them. They will last forever.
  4. jeffyr

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    I agree with renting. If you aren't going to use it on a regular basis, why buy it and be responsible for the maint and upkeep/repairs ? I rent a core aerator every fallfor $70 per day--2 days max. You can make enough in a day to buy a new one---or enough in two days to take a vacation if you rent ! although after tilling or aerating for 2 days I need a vacation !

  5. thelawnguy

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    In my area the going rate for tilling is so low that its not even worth my time to check out the job, so I hooked up with a guy who tills gardens after his shift at the spice factory and he now gets all tilling referrals and I get his lawn care referrals.

    Average garden here can be done for 15-25 cash and take 30-45 minutes plus gab and travel time-no thanks.

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