do dealers negotiate

Border Guy

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You have to remember that dealers are selling to you to make money too. It's always good to ask for the best deal, but be an educated consumer. If you know what "promo price" is, that's usually what they need to sell at to continue to survive and provide "after the sale service". One suggestion would be to ask if they have any left over units from the previous model year. They may be paying interest on it or need to make room for new models. They may be willing to reduce the price to get it out the door.


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yes, you can easily talk them down quite a bit. even if you don't do it well, keep in mind that they want to sell it to you. i've said it before, i'll say it again, demo the mower, talk him down as much as you can, think about it for a few moments, say 'ahhh, that's still too much.' and walk out. nine times out of ten, or maybe 7 or eight, he will follow you out into the parking lot, or call you that night at home with a better deal. if he doesn't and you want to take it at the price he was offering, there's absolutely no reason why you can't go back in the next day.


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Walk in with a written price from one dealer to another, and you'll see how the price changes.