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    Everyone has talked about the advantages of doubles and how they mulch grass better and make smaller clippings, but do they help you cut at higher ground speeds without leaving sprigs and missing spots (basically still maintaining a nice cut)?

    Thanks y'all because I am about to try and get new blades tomorrow...
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    If you Want Speed...eXcellent Lift & Sweet Cut in Normal Growth Conditions try the Meg-Mo's..The Sail on those Blades is Incredible!

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    But do doubles cut faster. For now I can't afford the Meg-Mos, maybe someday.

    Do any of you know if doubles cut faster?

    Also, where are some good online places to get blades (cheap if possible)?
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    Higher ground speed? No.

    All they do is help eliminate having to double cut some props and yes they will disperse smaller clippings as well. They will leave a nicer finish too. BTW, running doubles will draw down your horsepower so in some cases with doubles, you will actually have to mow at a slower speed.
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    I believe I'm getting a better quality cut on my ExM TT 48" with medium lift blades, no doubles. I do run doubles in heavy Spring growth and for Fall leaves. Otherwise I like the cut better with singles.

    I believe it depends on the make and type of mower you're using, whether doubles are an improvement or not.
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    In my limited experience. gravely PM 260 only. I experience a slight ability to mow faster in rough conditions like 2 foot grass. But we are talking from 2mph to 3 mph, but it does add up. More importantly I get most of the stuff on the first pass and then can run real fast on the second pass to disperse and catch the stragglers.

    In regular weekly cut situations, I don't see a speed increase, but I do see a much better dispersion of cuttings and a marginally nicer cut.

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    Hmm, well would I be better off just putting new gator blades on and saying forget about running doubles?

    I have a fully baffled mulch kit. Do you thing standard blades or gators will work better for this setup. I have had a problem with grass staying up in my deck because it isn't mulching fast enough, this is one reason I feel the gators might help. Thanks.

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