Do guys really "pretend" to mow??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Jun 7, 2003.

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    I have been noticing something on 2 properties adjacent to a commercial account I have. It looks like the lco has the deck in the transport postion or has the blades turned off because in different slope areas on the property the grass is hairy and doesn't have that blanket look that most z's produce.

    THe property has thin grass on clay and is only 2 years old .

    Do some lco's play this game of just leaving tire tracks because they know the grass is so slow to grow and if they mow it like it should be, the customer might say ot doesn't't need mowed every week?....kind of like we see in a drought like last year....guys running over a dormant property and putting down tire tracks just to keep their revenue coming in.

    I guess I'm naive because I can't believe someone would do that...and this is not a lowball lco I'm observing
  2. Nope-all my accounts are on an "as needed" schedule.
    Some were mowed 8 times last month.
    I would really be "shooting myself in the foot" if I fake mowed.
    I might loose my customers' confidence in my being able to determine when to cut. I don't really need a lot of "customer input" to my mowing schedule. They want to just forget about the other customers that I have.

    There was a 13 acre factory I lost and was trying to get back a couple of years ago. The LCO fake mowed it in August! It left brown tire tracks that lasted all week! Unbeliveably he came back the next week and started adding more dead tire tracks!
    I called their purchasing department. I was trying to act discrete, but finally just blurted out "How much are you paying him to kill that lawn?"
    The tire tracks stopped mid "cut".
    I didn't pick up the contract the next year, but then he didn't either.

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    No, I do not.
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    It's possibhle that it looks like this because when grass is that thin like that, it just doesn't mow cleanly unless you go real slow. It always has a tendency to lay over. That is not to say that guys don't do this, or even these guys aren't.
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    GarPA - I have a couple of slopes that will get that "hairy" look when my WB wheelies a little while pulling me up steep hills.

    No I never fake mowing. I go by the rule that if I can't see where I'm mowing, it doesn't need it.

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