Do I charge it to the customer?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Team-Green L&L, Jul 7, 2006.

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    We installed 470 ft2 of pavers which the homeowner supplied. The shipment of block was short 25 pavers. Our distributor is going to give us the extra, but what about the delivery of the extra? Do I charge it to the client and how should I smooth over the new charges if so? The contract is solid, but in the eyes of a client, where is the line between customer-service and contractor-stupidity?
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    What did the customer sat about the finished look with the crooked line?
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    Customer is happy, but I'm not.
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    customer is happy til one of his BBQ guests points out that his patio has the same contours as the 18th green at augusta and his walk looks like its was installed by Mr. Magoo on a bender.
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    There is no special formula to costomer service, folks.

    It IS NOT the client's problem that the supplier shorted the order.

    And it is not your problem that the supplier shorted the order.

    Now...if YOU *under-ordered* then it is your fault. Now, I have a clause in our contract that itemizes certain materials, this way if we are short - the client can be billed for the shortage.

    Also, if this is the supplier's fault - then THEY eat the delivery cost. Not the contractor, not the client.
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    If you are billing the customer "time and materials" (T&M), he pays for all time and materials so the extra block is charget to him.

    If you gave a flat price for the job, he pays only that flat price unless: (1) There were unforseen conditions that changed the scope of work or (2) He asked you to change the scope of work. If # 2 happened, you should have gotten a written change order signed with the price adjustment on the order so he doesn't have any suprises at the end.

    If the shortage of pavers was due to someone's error, whoever screwed up pays for it. If the block company didn't ship what they said they were going to ship, they pay to ship it again. If you didn't order enough, it's out of your pocket.
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    Good stuff...thanks a bunch.

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