do I detect something fishy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by upsondown, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. upsondown

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    Wondering if you guys get any of this in your area. We have been getting numerous calls this past week from people knowing the "exact" dimensions of their property, i.e, 1 acre, 2 acres, and know the "exact" measurements of their perimeter fencing that will have to be trimmed.........and wants to know what we would charge. We call them to make and appointment and they insist that we should be able to price it over the phone - (which we refuse to do without seeing the property). Seems it's almost always a female who is calling saying "her husband told her to call and get a price". Of these calls - we get no appointment to see the property - and it sure smells fishy.... like maybe mom and pop (I won't use the "S" word - calling to see what they should be charging. Free enterprise - gotta love it (I guess)...
  2. fga

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    Maybe, I thought you were going to go another way with this........
    my father in law is a licensed contractor with his ad in the local papers. He got a few calls recently about work, but they were really interested in if he had a license or not, and carried insurance. "how long have you been licensed?" etc. .. now that's fishy.
  3. txlawnking

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    If they really wanted to know, why wouldn't they just get you to give them a quote on their own or a friend or relatives house? If it stinks, forget it & tell em' to get bent.
  4. MikeLT1Z28

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    sounds like the competition is price shopping to me.
  5. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC

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    They are also the ones who got harassed beat just about every week while in school.
  6. Expert Lawns

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    I get quite a few calls from the wives of my foreign customers..."my husbin want me to call and ax you if you...." or "my husbin need to know if you coming today..."

    my response: "no ma'am, it has been raining for 3 days and there are flash flood warnings out. not to mention the tornado that just went through the area."

    "oh, you can come after the tornado, no?" no, i'm sorry i cherrish my life.

    I finally told her that if her husband had questions/comments/concerns, to have him call me directly. She then said "oh no, he leaves it up to me" Typical demanding husband that is bossing around the stay at home mom.
  7. Randy Scott

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    Perhaps it's a professional company that wants to continue to succeed with their endeavor and they are smart enough to try and keep tabs on what their market will handle for pricing, compare it to their pricing, see what needs to be done to compete with pricing, and just the general knowledge of what the industry is doing.

    Although I suppose they could come to Lawnsite and clearly see that the whole country gets $60 an hour or more for mowing.
  8. Expert Lawns

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    I'm sensing some sarcasm there Randy Scott
  9. Likestomow

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    Just tell them you would have to see the property first, but it would probably be $25. That should shut them up! If they get all excited and want you to do it, remind them that of course the price may change after looking at the property.
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    $15 dollars,any lawn.
    That should help them.

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