Do I give Homeless a jacket for advertising??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by happy, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. happy

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    We have a homell guy that walks around town all the tim in all kinds of weather. I just out of habit look over towards him as he is walking on the sidewalk and we drive by. I am confident that a lot of people notice him walking. I guess he lives under a bridge in the area. I was thinking about giving him a bright colored jacket or winter coat (orange) with our company logo and number on it. A lot of people would see this everyday. I am just worried about getting negative advertisement. It would be cool though to have people think "thats nice company xyz gave the homeless a winter coat to stay warm this winter". This could backfire though. Please everyone give me your opionions, and what you think could be negative or positive.
  2. Fordsuvparts

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    Go for it, It never hurts to help someone in need.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'm going to say: bad idea. If you would like to be a good Samaritan than go buy him a warm reflective colored jacket, but I wouldn't use this avenue of "advertisement".

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    Ever think about just giving him a....job???
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    I actually have no comment for this particular thread.... trying really hard to think of one, but just can't seem to do it.
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    Yeah, better do a little more research on the guy. We've got a few homeless in town that are known REAL well by the local law enforcement. Lots of petty crimes, from theft to breaking and entering.
    I wouldn't want my co. name on a guy like that.
    Not saying your buddy is like that, I'd just not take my chances.
    Go to the Salvation Army and get him a cheap winter jacket and give it to him.
    My 2 cents.
  7. Rhett

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    Don't do it!!!!!! Wife took some of my old work shirts and dropped them off at the local good will type place. Half the derilics and bums are now clothed in Bell Lawn Shirts with my number on them. Been asked several times if they were my employees. Company logo does kind of fit the recipients of my shirts. "Wishing I'd Finished College Since 2001"
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  9. ryry278

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    Man i got a real heart for these people, but i aint gonna bash you. I know that we all usually look for ways to advance our business even though we do not realize we are being cruel. I cant tell you how many friends we all have just cause they benifet us in some way. Its sad but deff just get him some clothes maybe a gift cert to burger king or something so he can eat. Or try and help him get his life together. You will be rewarded in more ways then you will ever know. I tried to help a guy out here that was homeless he went to my church, and did not have the greatest expereince. He quit after 10 mins and even threw down my trimmer and walkedoff.. Now i was pissed, but after i finished up the yard taking him back he explained why, and then i got i.. I did not agree with what he did but i understand and i forgave him. He told me he has not slept but maybe 2 hours everynight becuase the cops want let him sleep anywhere so he has to keep walking. SO all he does is walk around our city. Our city is all all homlessfobs its ridiculus. WE have like statutes to keep homeless people off the street and they are pushed into like back allies and stuff its terrible. I just wish people would help them out more. I would love to one day start a program for them and even offer them jobs
  10. punt66

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    I have tried the same route as you except i couldnt get them to work at all, never mind 10 min. I kept seeing a homless guy with a sign "will work for food". I offered him a job and he said no. hahah He was just wanting hand outs. This is the USA. Unless your disabled, or a child there is no reason to be living on the streets. I will get some flack for this but i see it as pure lazyness. These people choose that lifestyle to have no responsibilities. Drugs or alchohol could also be a factor. It seems they have every excuse not to work and try to blame it on everybody else.

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