Do I give Homeless a jacket for advertising??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by happy, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Its alot more than that. Punnt not trying to go at ya or anything just gonna tell you my personal expereince with working with them cause i use to feel the same way. But our society some what sets them up for failure. Alot of the guys have mental problems that stem from terrible pasts, much less no ability to trust people. Could you imagine haveing to go do this type of work after walking with barely any food or any sleep and going to a job to work hardd.... Not many of us could do that. Now further its more then offering them a job its getting them a place to stay, a place to sleep and food while also rehabilitating them into society. Most have felonies from the past on there head so its impossible for them to get a job pretty much anywhere. Its terrible cause we want them to get jobs but they cant and they would if they could. We have a program here that has been a great success. They select homeless peopel bring them into a community home and provide a place to sleep, food, and therapy and basic living skills.. then they also get contracts with businesses to work. Very succsesfull.... I just dont understand how we can expect them to just get a job and clean themseleves up when they barely get enough food to survive. Don't get me wrong there is just alot more to it than that .
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    lmao I can't believe someone asked you if they were your employees :laugh:
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    There very well could be. But i will tell you this. My wife and i are very well traveled and have seen what REAL poor people go through on their daily struggles. My wife was born and raised in the Philippines and lived in a 1 room dirt floor home until she was in high school. In places like the Philippines there is NO work. There are tons of homeless people and starving people abound. You will not convince my wife to be sorry for poor or homeless people in the US.(a person who once lived poor and ate 1 meal a day for 14 years of her life) I used to actually think more like you. I felt sorry for them and gave them money. But after going to the Philippines, Thailand, china, and Taiwan
    i can honestly say you havent seen suffering until you see a 3 year old on a street picking through the garbage with the street dogs. A homeless guy who refuses to work in the US doesnt get my sympathy any longer. I will never degrade them and will always offer them work for i know their in a bad place. But its their decision to make something out of their lives. (get help, job,etc) There are programs out there.
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    Oh man i hear you i deff aint trying to bash you in any way. I have never been out of the country but i hope to go to Africa one day on a mission trip. I just think that with our system of felony records it makes it hard almost impossible. Now that being said there are alot of people that choose that life and could do something about it. Then there are the vets who deserve better then to be homeless, which i think its like 40% of homeless people are vets. Atleast here it is very high since we live near one of the states largest army bases. And i wont degrade a homeless person either i feel terrible that in this great country we do not take care of our own people better. there are always the bad apples that make all the homeless people look bad though. ANd hey man i am happy your wife got to where she is at now!! Thats amazing
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    Its good that you have a program there that works but things are much different on the east side of the state. The homeless here want nothing more than handouts and refuse to even try to better themselfs. If you walk downtown Knoxville you'll soon have to fight them off cause some of them are worse than kids at the mexican boarder. Knoxville also has many homeless brought here and dumped each year could be some of the ones you don't see in clarksville anymore.
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    It is amazing. Her father suffered for years and put all 4 of his children through college. My wife has a masters degree in computer engineering. She worked so hard to get out of that poor life. Through all her hard work a US company recognized her skills and determination and sent her to the US on a working visa. We met shortly after. She is now a senior manager at the largest business IT consulting firm in the world. It is an amazing story and im very proud of her.
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    If your ever interested in a mission i know of several churches who would be happy to add to the group. My wife and i do our own personal missions in the philippines. Our last one was a 3 year old boy with bilateral club feet. It only cost us $800 to give him his life back! We visited him last october in Davao city and it was an amazing site to see him run around and play like a normal boy. If your ever interested in doing something like that i have many contacts over seas.

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    just do it
    you dont need a pat on the back to do so.
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    YOU THINK??? I'm not even sure what to say here. Please think hard for the next 5 minutes about what you just wrote and get back to us on the "pros and cons".....
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    Although giving him a winter coat is a very nice idea, please dont give him you company logo. You would be doing this act out of selfishness. If you feel bad for him, just get him a nice coat. Karma is a B%T^C. I would really think long and hard about this one. I wouldnt be able to sleep for weeks. If you want good strong positive advertisment, run a soup kitchen set up for a day. Put a little sign up. This would be much better in the public's eye.

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