Do I give Homeless a jacket for advertising??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by happy, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. RedMax Man

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    Its nice that you care about him. just get him a winter coat and spend your advertising money in other ways wear its more effective and gives you a better image.
  2. lifetree

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    I have to agree here ... I think this would result in severe negative publicity for you !!
  3. happy

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    Yes i do think. Do you think that i might actually do this, probably not because i would be hesitant. He attended the church we used to go to but they actually had to ask him to leave because he got vulgar with someone there. I spoke with a good frien of mine that is on lawn site, and he liked it but too wondered if it would go the wrong way, and for that reason it probably will never happen. If you want to do marketing marty grunder, a well heard of speaker, author, and owner of a multi million dollar landscape firm says you have to think outside the box. That is what i am doing, and i get a reply back in caps(you think) and to that yes i do marty got me to thinking. We both would be benefitting, he would be getting new coat, and we would be getting advertisement.
  4. happy

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    thanks for the replys so quickly. while I was typing the last reply I had 3 new ones pop up. I do think that the soup kitchen for a day is a great idea. I have always had a soft spot for the homeless. I am a veteran of the national guard, served overseas for over a year, and I have heard that a lot of the homeless are actually veterans, this really hits me hard. The deserve help, our help.
    The coat idea might not be the best one but I just saw him walking the other day and was thinking, and what place better than this to get everyones honest opiniion. Thats what I like about this site everyone gives their honest opiniion, no matter how rude they may sound to you, it is their honest opnion, and some people would say that you have to have tough skin to post things on here, but I do not care. I knew it may be a questuionable idea anyhow, but I really like the soup kitchen idea. thank you for the idea.
  5. happy

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    thank you mods for putting this back up. No negativity or cruelity is ever intended by me. I was just thinking outside of the box for marketing ideas. I just wanted honest opinions, and I thought that this site would be a great way to get opinions.
  6. ryry278

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    Glad it got put back up Happy hope you get some helpful info from it. And guys I talked to Happy and i do not think he was trying to be a jerk by anymeans or just look to make some money. He cares and he was just trying to kill two birds with one stone. He really thought out of the box on that and i wish him luck in his marketing.
  7. ryry278

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    Punt66... Man i am totally iterested. I was sitting in Church yesterday just like man i need to do something more outside of my comfert zone. As a teen i felt called to do missions and that kinda faded away into feeling more just doing ministry type work like youth speaking and developing college programs, but i got a heart for serving. I have always been wanting to go to another country and do a soccer, mission program (since i had a huge talent in that). But i kinda go big and want to do alot so i think i need to just go a couple places first and see what they need and what God wants me to do. But other then that i am also considering starting a diesaster relief program with several guys here and hopefully around the country, where we take our enclosed trailers pack them full of supplies (chainsaws, food, water, etc.) and be able to mobilze in the event of Katrinas or local tornadoes or anything like that. Even going to innercities and doing a program there like a week long nightly service and during the day doing prgrams for the adults to teach job skills and the kids doing acitivites from video games to sports
  8. ACA L&L

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    Give him the coat, a hat, and a meal. We should not judge others. They is no such thing as bad advertising with that said, No one will think the guy works for u. I pass out old shirts ( i now keep em in my truck) we take leftovers to one guy on a regular basis, we take plates to others on cold nights. I could care less what someone thinks about a homeless guy wearing our gear. Do it becuz u wanna not becuz u want others to see what u did. Its a great idea.....and he will appreciate it......even if doesnt say so.

    on another note u don't see Michael Jordan getting flak for crack dealers wearing his shoes or jersery while selling drugs shooting people committing crimes. Dont get me wrong fellas but my family has always helped others even when we did not have much ourselves. How many guys do u know that have worked a soup line on Christmas day, Thanksgiving day?How many 15 year olds? Not many. I can remember back in the day having to go to the soup kitchen with my mom and sisters. Now 20 years later we still do it.

    Alot of people that want to help just dont know where to start.....well just go help someone, food, clothes, prayer, money, whatever. Everyone needs help, alot just dont ask. Good luck happy.
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  9. White Gardens

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    I just got done reading through this thread and I will say I'm amazed at all the answers.

    To all who help the homeless and care about their well being :clapping:.

    To all that have a negative view on the homeless.... Don't start lumping the whole homeless society into one lump of lazy degenerates who are looking for handouts.

    When I worked as a social worker in college I realized how many homeless people have mental problems that keep them from having a job. Unfortunately they have no families and fell through the cracks of society.

    I think we should all be grateful and give a homeless person a coat regardless of their situation. Logo or not, it might save their life.
  10. punt66

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    Ok i will gather up some info for you. Use it as you wish, no commitment. If your interested in your own personal mission (my wife and i like that route) we can surely find a recipient that needs medical attention. Then you can communicate directly with them by both phone or mail and even follow the progress. It was fun to visit after the fact and see the happy faces. If your interested in travel with a mission i will get some info on that. Im sure there are churches in your area that do it as well.

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