do i need a big tank sprayer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Coreyb, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Coreyb

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    okay, we're going in to fertilizing and weed control next season. we plan to do granular applications. so if we are going to spray trees and bushes, how large of tank sprayer do i really need? can i just get a small portable tank, or do i need a 200 or 300 gal unit. we do have a few larger commercial properties and a lot of residential. but really have no idea how big we will get this year.
  2. nocutting

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    Hi, a 2-300 gal. unit will fit in a pick-up, 300 ft of hose if you do commercial or estate work.............mostly ornanentals / shrubs, a 5Hp will work or even a 8hp, with 3/8 or 1/2 inch hose- need a 7-10 gpm pump, I prefer piston pumps more heavy duty than rollers or diaphrams and easy to re-build......if you're tal;kin serious trees a 1000gal unit with a 25hp plus and in the 30-60gpm pump is needed, 1-3/4 " hose is standard and a Bean 735 spray gun........So, what are your needs, regards Saxon:waving:
  3. Jason Rose

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    Spraying herbicides on lawns and spraying trees and shrubs generally shouldn't be done with the same sprayer. If it's only a once in a while thing you can use a neutrilizer in the tank before you mix for spraying trees and shrubs. It takes quite a while to do it right and not always guranteed to get 100% of the risidual in the tank.

    A lawn sprayer is usually 5 hp to 8 hp and can only generate 300 lbs of pressure or so. If you plan on doing trees taller than 20 feet you would need a larger motor/bigger pump.

    Lesco has probably one of the best lawn spray rigs in the industry, you pick the size. Easy to repair pumps and good solid skids and hanney reels.
  4. ArizPestWeed

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    Don't you think there are enough chemicals applied each year , it's can't be good for the planet .
    Aren't you just doing it for profit and to hellll with the earth .
    Wallet first , Earth Last payup
  5. MarcSmith

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    Id rather have 10 educated people willing to do it properly rather than one uneducated guy spraying.....Keep learing and asking question...Great start...

    Weed. start with the farmers first.... you wanna see some polution....You;d better put away your Tide, Cascade, Selson Blue. they hurt just as much....
  6. nocutting

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    This is a Crazy World we live in, let a guy take a pesticide applicators test, give him certificationand off he goes to the local distubtor?......Price seems to always guide him?........What really gets me,is that most Certified Applicators know very little about the pest they are tryin to control, most dont know its life cycle, which temperture in grows in, does precipatation play a role in its development, or the other host plants that are suseptable?................So are these "Educated People"? or are they just "Certafiable":nono:
  7. GrazerZ

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    If you really feel like this general statement you made, then why do you come to this board?
  8. Coreyb

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    just so everyone knows, i'm bringing in a guy with 15 years of plant health education. i just wanted to get other opinions on what rigs to get. i appreciate the responses. as far as weedhead guy, or whatever his name is, if i don't service my customers someone else will.
  9. JB1

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    personally I use a 50 gallon sprayer for the application you mentioned , it works great, of course I don't do that many application for trees or shrubs as why its a small one. Hope you ignore all the other bozo comments that hasn't anything to do with your question.
  10. teeca

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    how close are your customers from your shop? if you customers are all within maybe 10 miles of the shop, a smaller 200gal would be ok to start(close to shop for refills w/o alot of driving time) if your going to be hitting several large properties that require alot of spraying then go all out and get a 600gal unit. i use a 740gal tank w/ hypro D50 and 8hp honda 3/4x200' hose and spray @ 250-300psi and can spray about 50'-60'. i have 4 commercial prop. that i have to drive back to the shop 3 times to refill, there are alot of large pine trees (they seem to use more chemical then any). if you can't afford to go big like that, you can use your 200gal unit and fill from a fire hydrant. this is pretty cheap. around my town it cost $20 month for the meter and about $1.50 per 750gal. the only prob i ran into was i was filling up 1 day and was stopped by the water police in the what i thought was the neiboring town, opps, wrong side of the street. i just let him chew me out and he let me go.

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