do i need a walk behind?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by snakasnee, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. snakasnee

    snakasnee LawnSite Member
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    or can i be efficient with just a 48" lazer z or stander. will i have to do extra weedeating?
  2. MarcSmith

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    unless you need to get in small gated back yards you'll be might have a little bit of extra trimming to do since you might not be able to get as tight, but the time you save by not having to walk behind a mower and not be tired will easily offset those losses.

    Even if you have a 48" or larger gate, the ZTR is still very productive...IMO...

    Id love to get rid of my WB's(4), in place of some ZTR's but my slopes in some areas are just a bit too steep....

    A WB with a velky can be very productive, but IMO still very tiring to operate. But theya re usually a few K cheaper than a comparable ZTR

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    This question can only be answered by you as only you know the layout of your lots.
    Maybe a Z and a 21" trim will do
  4. Precision

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    I currently own a 60" ZTR, a 36" ZTR, a 36" WB and a 21" mower.

    The 36" WB gets used about once every 6 weeks on my lawn just so it doesn't sit completely idle. I have been keeping it as a back up and incase I get a job that needs a walk behind, like a retention pond. this spring it will probably go away.

    So to answer the question, no you do not need a walk behind. But only you can decide what is most efficient on your lawns.
  5. tiedeman

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    it really depends on your properties and your budget I feel
  6. jtkplc

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    A lot depends on your properties. The company I work for uses 52" Standers for 99% of the areas, besides the wide open, large areas. We use our 21" mowers maybe 5 times a week. From my experience, you will be fine with a 48 or 52" Stander. Once you start getting into larger areas, they aren't as useful. That's where a ZTR comes in. But if you have small to average size lawns, it will work great. As far as extra string trimming, not with a Stander. You can get very close to things. I think they will cut down on string trimming. Demo a Stander and see if it will work for you. They work for me, but maybe not for you and your properties. But do yourself a favor and at least try them out.
  7. Justcutitshort

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    Property size and customer demands will give you the answer to your question. A walk behind mower has its advantages, just as a zeroturn mower does.

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