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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Landscape Poet, Jul 25, 2013.

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    So here is the story. I live in a suburb of Orlando named Oviedo Florida. I am a active member of LS but have not participated in this section of the forum other than reading and studying your guys insights.

    With the knowledge I have learned here and the help of my website developer and seo company we have secured first page ranking on google, generally in the first three results for the following phrases.

    Oviedo Lawn Maintenance
    Oviedo Lawn
    Oviedo Sod
    Oviedo Sod installation
    Oviedo Yard
    Oviedo Yard Work
    Oviedo Landscaping
    Oviedo Lawn Cutting
    Quality Oviedo Sod
    Quality Oviedo Lawn Care
    Farm Fresh Sod Oviedo
    etc etc.

    My question is this. I am running ad campaigns now on google. I am not getting a large number of clicks from the ad's which is ok as I really just wanted to review what key words people were using when they clicked on my ad however I thought the ad campaign might bring in some extra leads but to be honest I think with my keyword getting first page rankings - isn't ad words just kind of a waste other than the research?

    Your thoughts? What advantage of ad words campaign am I missing?

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    I think it depends on your model. Some guys want as many leads as they can possibly afford. Others, like me, want a marketing budget as close to $0 as possible.

    There are also some studies that show that your organic result will get more clicks when you also have Adwords in the result. People see your name for the second time and then click.

    Do you feel comfortable pausing Adwords and seeing what happens?
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    I have no issue pausing adwords at all, the only thing I like about it is that it does get the website and company name in front of people so many times before someone actually clicks it. That is the only advantage that I can see of using it.

    I read a recent article talking about how with google's front page becoming more and more paid ad's (up to 30% I think was the range) that organic results are not as important from S.E.O as they once were. I tend to disagree with that as I personally generally automatically look past the first three or four results knowing if they are highlighted they are paid ads and often not exactly what I am searching for. I just wonder if most people who grew up with the web do the same, just avoiding the first few results.
    TBH I really do not look at the ads on the right side of the page either. I think my google use has trained me to look past them and wonder if that is not the case for most people who have been using the web for awhile.

    Also does anyone understand how google places chooses who gets lettered/ranked? I pull letter/rank A. for Sod...but when I filled out my places info...I listed Lawn Care first then Sod yet I get ranked in the A. position instead of say the local sod farm. Don't get me wrong I am happy about that...but I am more concern about improving my position on the local listing for lawn maintenance, which currently has a few spray companies. I assume they rank as the drop down menu on the places form does not really distinguish or offer enough green industry catagories...but rather allow only the broad term of Lawn Care.

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    Been on vacation, as well as trying to coordinate a relocation, but thought I'd ease back in to the lawnsite swimming pool...

    They're important from both a search standpoint, as well as a trust marker. Thankfully, Google dumped the Zagat ratings and has returned to their 5 star format. What hasn't changed is the need for 5 reviews to trigger the showing of the stars. You want to make sure your reviews are completely legit and not part of an avalanche (read: unnatural) of new reviews. In general, Google tends to have a very low trust threshold for reviews, so it's best to proceed with any review-gathering strategy with caution and try to be as natural as can be.
    It's exceedingly common for people to become "situationally blind" to the ads. I only notice them when I want to. Unless you can rank your ads well (adwords ads rank for quality, much like sites do), and put them above the main results, I find very little use in them, and the click-thrus correspond. In the last year and a half, I've seen mobile adword results have better click-thrus than desktop, all other things being equal. I attribute this one to the screen real estate and nothing more.

    I love that you're using adwords for research! It's one of the absolute best uses of it, especially if you have one of those $100 adword credits collecting dust in your email inbox. For those that aren't aware, setting up a keyword campaign can give you great market testing for your desired words or niche, which would otherwise take significantly more time, and expense, to do.

    As for whether adwords is a waste of time? For you, based on your keyword rankings, probably so. As Headz points out, coupled with organic results, they can act as qualifying reinforcers of each other. Beyond that, I would either reallocate the funds to other keywords that could use propping up, or put the money in to another marketing application.
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    I pay $200-300 for each new client when sending out post cards. I figure if I pay 2 bucks per click I only need 1% of the people that go to my site to convert to be a similar value. Having said that, I pretty much rank number 1 in my area for SEO under every search term as well. It's hard to determine if it's worth it, but frankly I have only spent 100 bucks or so on add-words this season. Hopefully I can optimize my add-words and give you a better response 1 year from now.

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