Do I need another license...Florida.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnguy26, Sep 7, 2005.

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    I am a certified PCO in L&O in Florida. I'm looking to service some commercial and government buildings and some right of ways. Do I need a different certificate/license to do this? As far as I can see I do not unless I'm applying RUP's. Is this correct.
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    If you are a certified operator you can spray turf, shrubs, trees on private and public (government) properties without another license. That is in the rule book.
    Actually, I am not sure about golf couses as they have their own license but I believe your license is all encompassing. Have to look that one up myself. But since I could care less about golf couses why bother? payup
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    Fla. L&O License gives a lot of coverage as far as spraying goes. Road & Ride-away I believe is covered under the the Commercial L & O License. In Fact Aquatic spraying from the bank is also covered by the Commercial L & O. The problem with Aquatic Spraying is the RUP chemical which only an Aquatic Licensed person may spray and boat spraying.

    There are Two Bureaus that license Pesticide spraying in Fla. The Bureau of Entomology and the Bureau of Compliance. Both are under the Dept of Agriculture. Bureau of Compliance licenses Ride-away, Agriculture, Aquatic, Golf Course, Private applicators, and all other Agriculture as well as Mosquito control. Bureau of Entomology licenses Termite structual and Lawn & Ornamental.

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