Do I need push Blower for fall clean up

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by guven, May 25, 2006.

  1. guven

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    Last year I did a lot of fall clean up. I was using my redmax8000 blower which is very good , This coming fall I am going to have more fall clean up, I was thinking I should get push blower ( How many HP do I get it)

    what do you use most of your fall or spring clean up.
    what is the best thing I have to get it for fall clean up
    I am small solo 2 years in Business, Thank
  2. topsites

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    Save your winter money first, I just finished saving mine, this helps you have a take it or leave it attitude come leaf season, I find this attitude of the essence if at no other time, then definitely during leaf season.

    Once you have your winter money saved, keep saving because you'll need it.

    That having been said, you need at least 8 horses, I have a 10-horse Billygoat which is about a thousand dollars but you can get them on sale for around 900 but figure about a hundred dollars a horse.

    Plainly put, the more horses you have, the more cfm you put out, the 10-horse goat puts out a rude (and it is rude) 2,400 cfm, I mean it moves at least 4 - 6 times more than your best backpack, that thing moves leaves like it's on steroids, the 10-horse goat is the one tool that actually makes me WANT to do leaves (and I hate leaves).

    I finish most yards with the goat in 1-4 hours, I'm talking stuff like this took me an hour:
    So in the above pictures, that's 50 dollars and they pay this money a lot easier than with a backpack I am fighting for $40 / hour.

    Of course you can go bigger but the price and the weight get astronomical, these are push blowers thou the really heavy models some are self-propelled but the larger the mule, the harder it is to move around because it will sink in the soft spots. Even the 8-10 horse blowers are a bit rough, but tolerable considering the work they get done.

    5-6 horses is for homeowners.
    Yes 8 horses is good for commercial but 10 horses rule.
  3. guven

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    Sir Thank you for your time, I appreciate. really you gave me bunch of good info. I have billy goat 33'' finish mower, I checked their push blower, if you are happy with it and I should get it. you said push blower is 3-4 times better then my redmax8000. it is very good I can save time and get more job done. thanks again
  4. carcrz

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    Just curious, but why are you guys even using a push blower? I use my b/p blower around the stuff I can't get up to & in the landscaping. Then I just bag it all up w/ the Walker mower. It is very fast & does an excellent job. If it is really thick, I might mow over it first w/ the bagger open to mulch it up some more first.
  5. Grizzly290

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    If I were you, I would get the 9hp Honda engine on whatever push blower you get. Face it, the engine is VERY important, and I have had nothing but good luck with Honda engines. I know they cost a little more, but they are worth it. Currently I have: GX270 9hp on a Little Wonder push blower, GX160 5.5hp on a Log Splitter, 5hp Honda Snowblower, GXV340 11hp on 20 year old Gravely walk behind mower, and a Honda motorcycle that's almost 20 years old. They all run great and start very easily, and give no hassles. Just my .02$ Grizzly
  6. Petr51488

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    I'm going to have to agree with grizzly. Honda's have been nothing but good quality machines.. I have a honda mower, generator, log splitter, power rake, just bought a honda atv, and a snow blower. All with honda engines. They've never let me down.
  7. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I bought a used 5hp little wonder a few weeks ago. I have a few large parking lots to clean or keep the dirt off of. I tried it in some leaves left over from the winter, and I will agree on what alot of people say............get something more than 5 hp. I am going to use this for the upcoming season and then I may upgrade to a larger blower. I bought this one used and got it for a great price (100 dollars). It is working fine for parking lot maintence

  8. topsites

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    If you think the backpack is good, you don't know how much fun you're missing out on.

    The pushblower moves branches and sticks, trashcans, rocks, balls, flowerpots, really anything that isn't out of the way, it moves and fast... You have to be careful around gravel driveways because 10 horses at 2,400 cfm puts out such a piston-force of air that it will strip gravel in seconds flat. For a comparison test, try stripping a gravel driveway with the backpack sometime.

    Backpacks are rated around 400-600 cfm, the 10 horse push is 2,400 cfm, let me put it this way: If you try to put your hand in front of the air outlet when it is running full steam, you may be able to hold it there but it may also scare you so bad that you'll never do it again because it just about rips your hand off, it is that strong. Where it is no challenge to cup my hand over the nozzle of a backpack, I don't think too many guys can hold shut the chute of a push blower, at least not a 10-horse.

    It moves a pile of leaves a distance of 8-10 feet on grass, it will push the same pile almost across the street on a paved surface.

    It will blow your wheelbarrow around the yard, lol.
    You can almost blow snow with it, almost...

    This is what ONE pass of the pushblower does, ONE time through:
  9. Albemarle Lawn

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    Giant Vac, 16HP, 2-cyl Kohler, hydro trans. I work it in conjunction with two to three Redmax backpacks (EB8000). Leaves get scared and run, even four foot high wet piles.

    The hydro drive is a must here in our hilly country.
  10. topsites

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