Do I need to hire a plumber?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MR HYDROSEED, Apr 23, 2006.


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    I'm starting to do irrigation installs this year, i hope. I will primarily beservicing NH and MA and was just checking to see if i need to hire a licensed plumber to tee into the main water line? One house I bid on has a well and there's already a 1" ball valve teed into to output of the pump just sitting there begging my to hook up to it. Actually, my last job i worked in a hardware/plumbing supply store and remember hearing that it was legal to do plumbing as long as there was no soldering or glueing of pvc? Also, what kind of insurance am i suppose to get to protect myself? maybe this is why I need to hire a rip off plumber?
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    Hydro, find out what the codes ACTUALLY state in your area concerning potable water and if it is legal or not for you to do the water tap. Second, evaluate if you have the skills required to do the tap yourself. Finally, ask yourself the question "Do I want to accept the liability and pay for the damage, etc. in the event that there is a problem with the tap?" Sometimes a "rip-off" plumber is worth every penny!
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    Here in this county of WA, we do all our taps ourself.

    But, it could be vastly different for you.
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    If I was allowed to do my own taps, it would save an average of $400.00 per system. Montana is pretty strict when it comes to plumbing codes.

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