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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Integrity, May 11, 2001.

  1. Integrity

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    I am in the market for a new ZTR. I am really impressed by the Scag mowers lately, but the one that I am currently looking at has a water-cooled 27HP Kawi. I have only ran Kohlers and haven't heard much about the water-cooled Kawi. Any comments/warnings are appreciated! Also, this will be my first Scag. Which is better ... Exmark or Scag.
  2. HOMER

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    OH LORD!:blob3:
  3. Mr.Ziffel

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    I tested the Exmark Lazer Z and Scag Turf Tiger, both 60" cut, both with 27HP LC Kawasaki, both on the same lawn [did half and half] at the same time, [well one after the other]. Chose Exmark, have 50 hours on it, running strong and doing its job well. If you search on my name around January you can read my report and why I made the decision I did. There are many other threads on Exmark, Scag, Kawasaki, just search. Good luck and remember the dealer may be the most important part of the equation, Will M.
  4. KillerShark

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    I'm pretty new here too. But they have a nice search engine... you might want to try it first, then ask specific questions.

  5. Administrator

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    Make sure you dealer can support your purchase no matter which piece of equipment you buy. I can't stress enough to DEMO the unit. Take it out in normal mowing conditions for atleast a day. If you dealer won't let you demo find a new dealer.
  6. lawnboy82

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    i love the tigers, personally. as for the 27 hp liquid cooled kawi's i have heard from people who are using them now that they run like raped apes. these guys use the machines day in and day out. for big places mostly that i guess take a couple of crews a good day. they love these new machines. the vice president however is not too happy about the price tag that they carry. as for the scag vs. exmark debate. if you want a good cut as most guys are gonna tell you on here with the stripes and everything i would say go with an exmark probably. (due to what i have heard here). however if you want something that you can beat the living daylights out of then go with a scag. i have good friend who has one of each. the tiger and the lazer. the lazer is a year older than the tiger. but he only uses it on 20 yards a week. this guy beats the heck out of his machines and over the last 2 years the tiger has held up beautifully. the frame, engine, everything. the lazer on the other hand, while it is not liquid cooled like the tiger is is having some engine problems. and there are other things too with that machine. the guys who have run them both that i talk with have told me that they would take the tiger over the Z any day.
  7. Lawn DOG

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    I have 4 wb scaggs and they have all been very good. When I went ZTR shopping I purchased a Great Dane Chariot. It has been a great machine. I have also always had kohler but have read alot of positive post from other guys who seem to love the kaw. I can't tell you about the exmark but you might want to check out the Great Dane. It has some nice features like a low center of gravity and the one handed controls. I shopped around last year and got alot of different prices. Ended up buying from somebody I found on the net and saved about $700. Good Luck, hope this helps and not make it harder to decide.:rolleyes:
  8. joshua

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    i have exmark lazer and love it, but i did demo a hustler z and it cuts just as good as a exmark and it was faster. don't know which 60" to buy next year thats gunna be a very tough decision.
  9. awm

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    i run the exmark lazer ,cant fault it anyway and its 5 yrs old.
    like the scags looks also. the smoothest controlls ive tried were on the hustler.anyway my recommendation would be exmark lazer and make sure you get enough motor for the mower. luck to you
  10. 65hoss

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    eXmark :blob3: eXmark :blob3: eZmark :blob3: eXmark :blob3: eXmark

    Did I mention eXmark???

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