Do I raise height because of Sun/Heat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by outrunjason, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. outrunjason

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    Its august here in Texas and its hot. I have a lot of customers that like the golf course look. Well now the grass is all burnt and turning yellow. Other lawns that are mowed on a higher level are better looking wiith just a few spots here and there.

    Question: Do you raise the height on your mowers during these hot months?

    Thanks, Jason
  2. TotalLawn

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    I am cutting most of my bermuda yards at 4". that seems to be helping. fescue is being cut at 4.5 to 5".

    I had a customer tell me last year that he wanted his grass cut short like the golf courses...I asked him if he was going to water like the golf courses as well. He told me to go ahead and keep doing like I was.
  3. mickman

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    It sounds like you answered your own question. We mow on avg of 3.5" no lower than 2 3/4". We also skip yards when burning up.
    the lower you mow, the more you burn the grass. Mow higher, grass will be greener/ healthier. The more you cut off the blade, all you are left with is the stem [ which is brown anyway. ]
  4. Runner

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    Keeping it higher in the heat does 3 things. 1. It helps to store more water. 2. It keeps the soil cooler. 3. It keeps the rhyzomes shaded out of more hours of the day. The thing you want to watch for, though, is layover. When grass is cut that high, it tends to layover onto the other grass - especially when it is stressed. Crosscutting it does not always necessarily help, since the factors of it being stressed, and it being ran over that long can cause it to mat. What we have done with it in the past, (if we are cutting over 3.75", is double cut it, but we go over the same cuts, just in exact opposite directions. For all of you striping freaks out there, no, this doesn't "spoil" the stripes. We just do the OPPOSITE way first, then the correct direction last. I hope this helps. Oh yeah, this is only on the lawns that are necessary to do this on.;)
  5. Jimbo

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    I cut it the same height all year and when it gets burned I just start cutting every 8-10 days instead of every 5-7 days, which allows it to grow longer before its cut. Seems to work fine and I dont have to adjust my mower.

    Clippings are not a problem because when its that hot the grass is very fine anyway.


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