Do I really need to use an aerator machine?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by skunker, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. skunker

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    Hi folks,
    I need to have my lawn aeratored(sp?) and was going to do it by renting a core aerator machine from the local Home Depot or something similar. However, since I only have about 3,000 square feet of lawn, I was thinking of saving money and just using a steel rake or something to poke holes in the ground. Is this feasible? Do I really need to spend the money (e.g $60 for 4 hours of rental use) or can I get by and use something cheaper or a neighbor's tool?

    I'm seeing things like aerator sandals ($10), golf shoes, etc, mentioned in books and other forums.

    Any advice on what's best for my lawn size? I have St. Augustine grass and thatch problems and need to get some life into my lawn quick!
  2. DCE

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    Don't believe in those aerator sandals. Besides the fact they are gimmicky, they are a QUICK way to fall flat on your face in a hurry. Having your yard core aerated offers the best results. The holes are bigger in diameter than golf shoes/aerator sandals/spiker aerators/using a steel rake, and they don't fill in as fast as smaller holes do. Maybe, rent a core aerator with one or two neighbors of yours and that way you guys can share use of the machine over one afternoon and defray the rental cost? And the core aerator I presume you are talking about is one of those Ryan Lawnaire type self propelled aerators?
  3. skunker

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    Thanks dce,
    I think i found my solution: manual aerator (Turf Hound)

    I need the exercise, so this should be fun....
  4. lzrj

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    Totally agree. Nothing beats core aerators. Spikes do very little and the results are not worth your time. The plugs that are pulled during core aeratation can be messy if you walk on your lawn afterwards but they disappear after a few rainfalls. I use to do it every spring until I moved out to some acres and now I cant find one big enough to rent to do a job this big.
  5. hmartin

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    Lowes has those for 19.99

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