Do I really want gated properties?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Bassman

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    I've been thinking about strategy for this coming season. This June will be 1 yr. in biz for me. I was considering getting a 36" comm. walk behind for gated properties, then I read some previous posts on this board from guys who don't want the aggravation of doing them.
    Now I'm thinking I'll keep the money in the bank acct. and just turn down small gated properties, I could screen them before even going out to bid. I think I'm going to be as busy as I want to be without them.
    If my 52" Lazer can't get in to cut it, I don't think I want it. I have a 22" push mower for the occasional small area that just has to be done.
    There is another factor to consider and that is the walkbehind would be a good insurance policy if the main mower gous down/in the shop.
    Who does a lot of small gated area's. Are you happy doing them? Also, who passes on them and keeps on truckin to the next open lawn?
  2. 65hoss

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    I'm going to pass on gated properties this year. But I wouldn't want a 36" to be the back up for the 52". I have a 48" that is my backup. Doing big properties with a 36" could get old quick. If you plan to pass on gated lawns then consider buying a 48 or 52 wb. Just a good used one for backup purposes.
  3. Eric ELM

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    I pass on the small gates too. If they insist I do their lawn, I tell them to put in a big enough gate to get my 60 inch Chopper in then. A 36 inch gate is next to worthless anyway.
  4. bob

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    I also pass on properties that I can't use my 61" mower on. I'll phone the potential new customer and ask if their yard has a single or double gate. If its a single gate I'll pass right there on the phone. I've never seen a single gate that my mowers will fit through. Using a 21" or 22" mower will just slow you down. If I can't ride it, I don't want it!
  5. eggy

    eggy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I will take them on if my 36 scag walkbehind can get in. We have this walkbehind for islands at malls, etc. However a walkbehind is well in my opinion a pain vs a ztr.
  6. lawnboy11

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    Depends on your market and your work load.
  7. beck

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    I have been taking on yards with small gates. I have a 36 inch mower, but it does not fit through all gates. I have two customers that require the small push mower for the back yard. I recently called a fence company about widening the gates. I have not heard the price yet.

    If the customer is willing to to put in a larger gate tell them that it would save them money. Some of them would rather spend a few dollars now to save 5 dollars a week for a number of years.

    In my neighbourhood the yards range from 5000 to 10000 sq ft and i get 25 to 35 dollars to cut trim and edge. the larger properties are about 25 minutes from my house and the acre lots go for 35 dollars, i think i am better off staying close to home and using a smaller mower if i have to.


    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    money is money, i have a 36" for backyards, i am able to squeeze it through on my gated yards, but the 61" for everything else.
  9. bobbygedd

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    i would not pass up a gated yard if it is in my service area. consider the time and fuel u save by not traveling, and add a couple extra bucks for having to use the 21 in.
  10. HOMER

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    If the 72 incher won't fit we musta quit. Me no like poosh mowing se..........mucho grande slow.


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