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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. steveparrott

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    Dear Do-it-Yourselfer,

    Thanks for visiting this professional Landscape Lighting Forum. Before you post a message, please understand that this forum is meant primarily for professional lighting installers, designers and specifiers. These professionals are dedicated to bettering themselves in their businesses and bettering the Professional Landscape Lighting Industry as a whole.

    There is a world of difference between the products and methods available through your local hardware store and those used by professionals. In addition, lighting design is a fine art akin to fine art painting. Most of the professionals in this forum have undergone extensive training and honed their craft with years of experience.

    While we understand and respect your well-intentioned wish to get pointers and guidance from these professionals, don't be surprised if the responses fall short of your expectations. Most of the forum members would much rather you employ their skills and talent to light your home rather than spend their valuable time to explain how you can do it yourself with the limited products and resources at your disposal.

    Again, we do respect your desire to do it yourself and simply ask that you respect our desire to further the art of Landscape Lighting as done by the community of Lighting Professionals.
  2. Pro-Scapes

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    Has anyone else noticed this has really helped alot ? THANKS STEVE!
  3. Chris J

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    Want to do it yourself? email me directly to find out how!
  4. Mike M

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    e-mail me if you want to do everything yourself except for the trench... plus connections, transformer install, and designing and planning.
  5. Lighting_man

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    Very good sticky message. All too often you encounter people with axes to grind on forums.

    Anyways all you Brits that need some help can contact me

  6. eskerlite

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    Welcome do it yourselfers and interested Home Owners from the Boston area. Anything You want to know about LV Architectural and Outdoor lighting I will discuss with You accept pricing both retail and wholesale on product or services. If after we talk You dont want to install Yourself, then I will meet with You and discuss My Passion for This type of Lighting.
    Sean Curran
    Donald B. Curran Inc.
    AOLP Past Pesident
    CLVLT #0403:waving:
  7. zemzabob

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    Nice to know that some of you still don't mind helping the DIY guys hats off to you.
    I did my house myself two years ago and was thinking about redoing it and asking some of you all for help, but after reading this I will probably just keep what I have. the people that think well if i don't help him maybe he will hire me not true DIY guys do it their self because they love to learn and feel the accomplishment of a job well done I see some of you still understand that. I do respect what you all do thats whey I'm hare to learn for myself not to profit from it I also give info out on other forums that I belong thats what they are for I like to help the other guy but thats just me.
    Thanks anyway

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  8. ericbl

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    Words from a DIYer,

    I just completed my front landscape at my home, and looking at installing some lighting. I was searching for LED vs. Halogen and found your forum, read numerous posting and was going to ask a question until a read this thread. Darrel has the same views that I have. I posted on this forum before with questions about a multipurpose tool for my edging. Got some good advice and purchased a Stihl not to edge other property just for myself. I understand the quality of lighting from Home Depot and Lowes hence the search. I live in a new subdivision and was the first to landscape. They asked me who did my landscape and I stated I did but it was done with numerous calls to the Garden Line (Sat. Morning Houston Texas, KLVI talk show (Beaumont Texas) a book titled Gardening for the Texas Gulf Coast, and two months of researching the web. Since my completion 7 other homes have had their landscape professional done, my neighbors are not going to wheel barrow 13 yards of dirt. I am approaching my lighting the same way, do my research, read the books, and install it. I enjoy the satisfaction of my results. Once I complete the lighting project I know that my neighbors will come by and ask me who did the job again I will state, myself with the help of whomever/whatever, if someone is in the South East Texas region and would like for me to send work your way I will, because once they see the effect they will have their yards done by professionals (actually not bad advertisement for your craft). I hope all are not going to be effected by this economic crunch and this year is you’re most prosperous.

  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Best of luck with your project Eric. Although some of the guys here are not too interested in helping out DIY'ers, there are others who will answer your questions and help you out.

    Just keep in mind that the design end of this business is an art (when done right) and can takes years of practise and learning to develop. You might want to think about having a lighting design and specification prepared for you by a pro, leaving you to learn the technical installation side of things for your own project.

    Have a great day.
  10. ericbl

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    Thanks James, I actually have a pretty good idea of placement of my lighting, as well as balancing the load. I was really looking for pros and cons of Halogen lighting vs. LED.

    I actually visited your site during my research (Google did you right) nice look on the

    Take care


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