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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Eric, what specifically would you like to know in regards to Halogen Vs. LED? I have a lot of 'real world' experience with both. Just ask away...
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    thanks James,

    I understand the LED's will produce a cooler result, but i dont think it will be a huge issue for me. I do like the fact of longer leads and the ability to add additional lighting later on the system (understanding i can add on a halogen system but the LED provide me with a much lesser wattage stack)

    biggest issue is costing here is an exapmple of a portion of my project

    # 15309BKT
    Manufacturer: Kichler price $39.95

    # 15732 BBR/AZT/BKT
    Manufacturer: Kichler Price: $99.00

    And thats a 33% discounted price, is paying 250% more worth the ability to have smaller transformer, longer leads and smaller gauge?

    my project is calling for 10 spots at $60.00 a piece.

    is there any justification for the LED's price other than what i mentioned?

    Thanks in advance
  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Sorry Eric but I can not and will not discuss pricing with you here. This is a public forum.

    As for the comparison between LED and Halogen fixtures... I have seen and tested some of the Kichler LED lineup. I prefer to use LED Lamps installed in top grade fixtures. Although the light output of the Kichler LED line up is very good, I have a big issue with the form that the fixtures take. I think they are ugly, poorly designed, and make use of sub standard materials. The knuckles and stems in particular are really really poorly designed and constructed. I am really unimpressed by them and think they will be a service nightmare down the road.

    I would recommend you look at using "traditional" fixtures and install either halogen or LED lamps inside. Perhaps in the near future Kichler will re-think their LED line up and provide us with some products that do not put function in front of form.
  4. ericbl

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    What is the sensitivity regarding price? From a professional point of view is the extra cost of the LED lighting worth the benefits it provides. I only used the pricing as a direct comparison of one’s companies LED lighting to the same companies Halogen lighting. This is not allowed/accepted on this forum?
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    Guys, this is the thread to deal with new-comers and DIY'ers. Can we please make this conversation a thread on the forum?
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    will do Chris.
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    I was wondering if someone could possibly PM me and tell me a little bit about how to get started in lighting? I am really wanting to learn but I don't know where to look for the info that is reliable.
  8. Lite4

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    Spending some time reading through this forums past posts would be a good start. There is a wealth of information here and an answer to pretty much any question you have about lighting if you are patient enough to read through it.
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    The best landscape lighting systems in the industry are usually done when the owner allows the lighting specialist to do their job without micromanaging the project. It seems that when home owners get involved too much or try to do it on their own - the system looks good to the home owner (probably because it is what they thought it should look like) and not necessarily to the professional.
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    If I want shoes, I go to the Shoe Store. If I want a doctor, I go to a Doctor's Office. If I want Landscape Lighting I go to... Home Depot... Wrong!

    I go to a Landscape Lighting Professional.


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