Do lawn guys actually know what they are charging per cut when they charge a flat monthly rate?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Aug 22, 2018.

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    Bankruptcy protection prevents the lawsuits unless they can prove their claims are nondischargable
    But if you simply are owed money and he filed bankruptcy you’re mostly sol
    Especially if you have no judgement yet
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    He was installing septic systems without permits or license. Also sold all of his brand new equipment on CL,
    Most was still bank owned.
    He renewed annual contracts in Jan with discounts if paid up-front. Then skipped town in Feb.
    So yes lots of angry customers got de-frauded. Lots of commercial accounts also. Several of his workers were posting rants on FB how he sent out 1099s to them in Jan then split.
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    That 1099 thing is super common

    What did the workers expect?
    They were getting straight checks for pay day or cash?
    Takes two to tango
    Everyone’s happy when they get all their money up front
    Those workers that get paid cash ever turn their employer in?
    But oh noes! Unfair when you 1099 me!

    If that guy had stayed in business and kept paying cash , how many angry employees would there have been?
    I know countless companies that do payroll that’s not legal.... employees complain? Nope
    Then finally they get rubber checks and THEN come apply for a job with me.
    Crying the woes of unfair pay practices.
    So you’re willing to go down to department of labor and tell them all
    About it?

    All of a sudden no one wants to “rat anyone out” or get involved.
    I don’t feel bad at all for employees get paid cash and continuing to receive it, they know what they’re doing , they’re just hoping it keeps going on.

    As far as prepay customers go?
    I dunno I’m not a bankruptcy expert
    It’s non dischargable if you can prove malice (like i keyed your car)
    Guy could say “my business failed”
    Companies cry fraud, guy says fail
    See saw.
    Equipment sold with Leins on it?
    I’m also not an expert on that,
    Guy still owes the money
    Bank still owns equipment
    Bank could still repo if they found it.
    New owner is defrauded ...

    It would be an interesting read to see what direction those court cases went in
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    From what I've heard from employees, they got checks and had taxes supposedly withheld. Then at end of yr get 1099ed . So definitely was not on the up&up.
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    Well neither way is on the up and up

    You can’t 1099 employees even if you tell them about it

    If you’re getting a “check” with no stub everybody period, that’s also illegal
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    I stopped worrying about other guys a long time ago. Keep plugging and doing top notch work. I cant tell you how many cluster accounts we have. All started with one and after they see us week after week diligently doing what we do it spreads. We hit them with door hangers, brochures and even asking our current customers to refer us if they are close. We stick primarily to HOA communities that insist on tidy landscapes. When talking to many new customers we ask what did the last company NOT do that prompted a change. Number one answer was unreliable or sloppy, inconsistent work.
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    most lawn guys actually lose money on lawn service! they either dont know or dont care. if they would actually look at thier numbers, it doesnt take long to figure out theres no money in the lawn biz.
    MOST lawns do not require 42 cuts a year, many you can get away with 32-34, customer doesnt count but most lawn guys are to scared to skip lawns in the spring and fall. They feel compelled to go weekly from april through Nov!
    MOST do not charge exrtra for other services.

    You have to upsell everyone to make money.

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