Do looks and style influence your ZTR purchase?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davidcalhoun, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. ztrguy

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    I know of a lot of guys that buy John Deere just because it's a John Deere. Farmers will tell you they love their John Deeres. They might love the color or just love the name. Buying decisions are made on looks, brand, performance. Just look at Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. If you grow up owning one particular brand most will stick with that brand. Just because they like the looks or think it's the best brand. We grew up on John Deere tractors, but we own Exmark and Toro ZTRs right now. In the future, it will probably be all green John Deere equipment just because we grew up on the Yellow and Green.
  2. tacoma200

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    Your right as usual Envy. And you can have both (looks and quallity).
  3. Lynden-Jeff

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    For me it is a little bit of a consideration but preformance rules everything. Personally SCAG orange annoys the hell out of me but I would still buy one if my dealer dropped bobcat.

  4. Precision

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    Choppers are the ugliest mowers going

    Kubota, I kinda like the look but they also look awkward at the same time.

    Grass hopper really just needs new paint colors

    The rest have issues other than looks, IMO.
  5. Precision

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    Not always true. I have always owned Fords.

    Now I own 2 Dodge trucks. and until Dodge does something really dumb or someone else puts a real diesel in their truck I will most likely be owning dodge trucks. But I will stay open to other brands on cars. Dodge cars just don't do it for me other than the viper and the 300.

    Kinda like GM, Trucks are not great and the cars look like crap but that Solstice is gorgeous.
  6. davidcalhoun

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    Changing to a different paint color would be quite risky for any manufacturer. Marketing is tied to a certain color. People associate certain colors to certain equipment.

    Just look at John Deere. They have always been green w/ yellow accents, except for their construction line. Can anyone ever see John Deere switching to blue or red? Proabably not.

    Should Grass Hopper change it's colors? Grass Hopper knows that when you see that color mower out in public, you are not confusing it with something else.

    If one of us was a president of a major maufacturer, I am sure that we would not change trade mark colors unless we were assured that It would create more sales and not hurt our reputation with current owners.

    One small color change would be tough to pull off.
  7. TAZ

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    from Ohio
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    I have news for you. Almost ALL consumer product companies pay huge dollars every year in hiring industrial design firms to style products just for this reason. Millions are spent in consumer research trying to find out what consumers prefer. It may not affect how well a tool performs but it does make a difference in sales.

  8. TAZ

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    I gotta agree there. The choppers are some of the ugliest mowers around. The only time I ever see them on a trailer is out in the sticks. I have never seen them on LCO's that service urban arears around here. It's all exmark, scag and Lesco (walk behinds only though), a few Walkers and a John Deere here and there.

  9. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    I can tell you that no matter what it looks like, Grasshoppers are dam good mowers and they are extremely popular in areas of Florida near where I lived. Fort Myers area..... Nearly every other LCO there was running a diesel powered grasshopper with the deck out front. I would have gotten one, but price was more than I wanted to spend. Those mowers had a good cut for Floridas grasses
  10. rodfather

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    1. Only DC I have ever seen is on LS
    2. WTF is a Dixon I ask?
    3. WTF is a BadBoy I ask (again)?
    4. Thought Kubota only made construction equipment
    5. WTF is a Country Clipper I ask (third time)?
    6. Have seen 1 GH in person in 14 years (god awful colors)
    7. Lesco is none -existant here in NJ (mower wise) that is
    8. Wright is just a little less non-existant than Lesco here in NJ, think I have seen 3 or so

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