Do most you guys have contracts

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenHor7, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. GreenHor7

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    Do most of you guys have contracts for your customers to sign?
  2. Newby08

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    how could you not have a contract? If you have a program going you need to keep it going all year other wise its bad for you and the customer. Am I right in my theory?
  3. Newby08

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  4. ted putnam

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    I have no contract. I never have and never will. There's no need. My results speak for themselves. The customers see improvement after each application. Besides, peoples lives change. People move, divorce/split up, people die. Why would I want to make someone pay for the rest of a year under those circumstances? 98% of the customers I lose are for one of those 3 reasons. For me, there's no reason to have a contract.
  5. Newby08

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    I'm not going to hold anyone to the contract if something like that happens. I won't hold them to it if they can't afford it one month. It's just a way of me saying that I'll be there for them and they will be there for me. I really don't even pay much attention to it because like you said, if the customer likes you, they won't be going anywhere.
    One place it does come in handy if you get some a**hole who wants to challenge you somewhere about price or schedule, etc then you have paperwork to fight them. But I've never had that happen and hope it never does.

    The Newb (to chems, and I guess you could say landscaping)
  6. treborie

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    Here in New York its the law. me must have application contracts. Check with your state and follow the law.
  7. Newby08

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    really? the law makes you have a contract with your customers? thats new. Are you talking about commercial or you talking about both comm and residential?

    If its a commercial account then you better bet your a** I'm going to have a contract. There's no other way to deal with those people.
  8. rcreech

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    I don't have a contract with any of my residential or commercials.

    People hate contracts and so do I.

    If you do good work you have nothing to worry about!
  9. Whitey4

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    I don't use a contract for my "service agreement", which is just a document to spell out what services I will provide. There is no place on it for the customer to sign... just a spot for me. Being an IPM LCO, I like to use it to have a mutual understanding with the customer.

    However, like treborie said, for ANY pesticide app in NY, a signed contract is the law. It isn't a binding contract however. Any app on the contract can be cancelled, even verbally. We have to say when, what, target, retail price, etc. We have to keep these contracts on file for 3 years. When we report pesticide usage every year, we have to have contracts on file for any DEC audit. It's a silly requirement. You can just simply not do any particular app on the contract, and if a chinch bug problem comes up for instance, it's another contract with the same customer.

    If a customer has a nut sedge breakout, I have to write a new contract for that app. What I don't like about it is that it has to be signed 48 hours before the app, and I have to say what chemical I will use. If they aren't a regular customer, they can turn around and tell their LCO what I was going to use. Then, they can cancel, and let him do the app.

    New York has a lot of stupid laws.
  10. Newby08

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    LCO... what is that? I can't figure it out. I know IPM is Integrated Pest Management but what is LCO? Lawn Care ? I don't know, I'm just the Newb.

    What if you had a contract that had every chem you ever use for anything? Then you beat the system and put down what you want when you want.

    The Newb

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