Do my advertising numbers seem realistic????

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by joee0914, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. joee0914

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    So I live in North Jersey and my family owns a advertising/bulk mailing company. They are going to be sending out 24,000 flyers for me.. i will be using the rule of three and sending 8,000 out at 3 different times. (I am using other advertising as well but expect most of my work to come from this mailing.)

    If i get a .5% return, than that adds up to 120 calls

    And if I close on 25%-50% that gives me between 30 and 60 new customers

    Are these numbers realistic for an area like North Jersey??

    Thanks in advance
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  3. LushGreenLawn

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    Sounds good to me also. The most important thing I have found is a solid, eye catching flyer. People get all kinds of flyers. Mine are full color with a nice bright blue sky and clouds as the background. They work really well.
  4. joee0914

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    I designed my flyer with the same concept... I used a picture of house/lawn with nice blue sky and put my services and such and two coupons to get a little more attention ( thanks god for all those high school and college computer classes ). Their also being printed on a heavy-weight high gloss paper. I'm just worried that 24000 won't be enough.. I'm looking to pick up appx. 40-50 customers on contracts
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    Looking for a good printer/mailer company myself if your interested in referring me?
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    It's all a crapshoot. You say 40-60 customers under contracts.....I am guessing for mowing? If that is the case, that might be high, but each case is different.

    Few years ago I did 2500 postcards, twice. Got about 40 calls...not bad, but only picked up 4 mowing accounts. The majority of your calls will NOT be for mowing...just keep that in mind.

    What kind of area are you targeting....income wise? I did some super nice flyers years ago and heard comments like "those are nice, I bet he's expensive"

    Anymore, I prepare for the I know that sounds horrible, but that's the way I think now with advertising.
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    My first year I sent out a flyer by having it inserted in the local paper. I made it on Microsoft publisher. At the time I was proud of it but in looking back it was pretty bad................. I have never had a better response. I think it said, "He'll probably be inexpensive" so I got a good response. People don't like to get people looking for a price but it seems the whole world has been Walmartized.
  8. walker-talker

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    Amen. My flyers this year...yes...they are black and white, I did use Publisher and they do look Full color, fantastic flyers didn't work me so it's time to try something different.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Screw walmart - they are part of the reason we can't get the prices we want anyway.
  10. joee0914

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    Yes i was talking about mowing and my target area is my town and a neighboring town which are considered high income areas.

    And my flyers were designed on Microsoft word.. Their nice and full color but simple enough not to overwhelm.

    And id really like to see 40-50 new contracts but dont get me wrong id be happy with just 20 new contracts... im just aiming high

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