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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lawnMaster5000, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. lawnMaster5000

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    I have several complaints about the Dump Trailer I purchased from them.

    Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I sent to the company.
    I spoke with you on 1/30/07 regarding the trailer I purchased on 1/8/07.
    I have several complaints about the ramps which were included with the trailer purchase. The alleged high quality of your workmanship was a primary factor in my decision to purchase from you.

    Problems with ramps.
    - The ramp angle is very steep when installed in a fashion to where the piece designed to prevent the ramp from sliding back is in contact with the trailer. I am unable to tilt the bed when ramps are attached to lessen the ramps angle.

    - The ramps treads are made from a rounded steel rather than a sharp angled steel. This prevents any tire from gripping on the ramp.

    - MOST IMPORTANT - The paint is falling off the ramps. Paint began sheeting off the ramps prior to their first use. Attempting to use the ramps only accelerated this peeling off matter. Please see attached photos.

    Main Trailer
    - Rubber pads on front of trailer frame where bed sits have broken off. I knew this was going to happen and don't see it as a big problem.
    - The stake pockets look nice but are slightly too large for use with a 2x4 board. This is not b/c the top of the pocket is too large, but rather the bottom. Because of the way the bed rail is wrapped over the top of the trailer side it creates a void in the pocket. When using a 2x4, this void allows the 2x4 stake to lean out and not align with the great uprights you have installed for a 2x12.

    Solution I am asking for:
    Make a monetary offer to compensate for correcting the problems with the ramps. This includes the designing and building a tread surface, sand blasting and repainting or ramp surfaces.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    About two weeks later I received a message back from them addressing my concerns. E-mail as follows....

    "We had a meeting about the matter the design of the trailer is not going to change at this time, the steepness of the ramps are going to always be that steep, the stake pockets will always be that size, and paint will sooner or later always come off ramps, and the ramps with the rounded angle still offer more traction than a standard flat steel. Long story short all im allowed to offer you is $25 for the paint that keep coming off the ramps. If the ramp is not catching correctly by the warranty we will fix that problem, unsure how that is but will honor that, just let me know in advance when you are bringing the trailer back so I can have people ready to fix that. All things considered get ahold of me if you want me to send that $25, and when you where wanting to bring that trailer back. Any shipping costs to have it come back is yours."



    They know there are problems with the trailers and they are not even going to consider changing anything? I don't think that sounds like a smart way to run a business. I wasn't even asking for money for the problems with the trailer, only the ramps.

    And, his offer of $25 to get the ramps sand blasted and repainted. I think that is not nearly enough. I am getting a quote prepared this week and will contact my credit card company to withhold the costs of repainting the ramps.

    Yes It is possible that the paint will come off the ramps eventually, not within a month tho, maybe in several years.

    Something else i had forgotten to mention in my email to him is that the doors on the rear of the trailer have chains on them for holding the doors open when dumping. Well these chains are too short and don't reach the hooks on the side of the trailer.

    For pictures of the trailer and ramps click the picture below.

  2. sgrprincees

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    The paint is flaking off the big ramp (the kind people drive mowers up with the expanded metal mesh) on my PJ trailer also. I wish they had spent $50 more on paint and prep at the factory (they could advertise the fact) and just charged more for it. I'd gladly pay to have a trailer that wasn't going to rust right away. The paint job all around on my trailer kinda sucks, and there are a couple spots where there is no paint.
  3. Scag48

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    As far as the grip on the ramps go, grind off some of the paint on the cross bars, grab a welder and run a few bead "dashes" across the bars. Usually I'll run about 2-3 inch beads, move over a couple inches, then run another one. Do as many as you can, it'll help a lot. You'll go through a few rods accomplishing this task but I guarantee it'll fix the problem. Our ramps were the same way, even though they were constructed with angle iron there was nothing to grab to. It worked alright for our skid steer as the tires could conform around the angle iron and get a grab, but the track loader struggled and I was worried about slipping off the ramps entirely.

    Rule of thumb about paint is that if the MFG offers upgradeable paint, always buy it. Not saying you had that option, but for future reference I've found that the extra $200-300 to have an upgraded paint job is definately worth it.
  4. jkitterman

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    Couldn't you look into powder coating the ramps and adding something like 3M grip tape, the tape that looks like sandpaper?
  5. amar

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    You get what you pay for.
  6. carcrz

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    Sounds like easy fixes to me. It probably wasn't even worth the time to email them. I'd just sand it down & repaint it.
  7. bigmudder77

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    When i saw this i thought you were talking about pallotta ford or jd byrider. pallotta by trying to sell you any thing and once its off there lot "not there problim" even if its new. and if you buy a big truck for a business you should get a big truck free when yours breaks and if covered under warrenty not a little focus you can dont **** but haul yourself in. and you shouldnt have to pay cause your truck broke that was covered under warrenty and you shouldnt be told to keep your voice down when they give you a bill of over $6000 that should of been covered under warrenty and you could of got a whole new engine and installed it your self. all and all you SHOULD NEVER GO TO PALLOTTA FORD WORST DEALERSHIP EVERRRRRRR. and i like fords had 4 or 5 didnt have major problims with. now on to BY Rider they just have junk there (use to work as a mechanic there) same cars in all the time for different stuff that broke by the time the car was all fixed they would have to pay like 20 times more than what it was worth. what i would do save you money for a older car and buy one person to person not from a dealership i have got cars for free and all i did was some wiring and they ran perfect good luck and if any one else got screwed over by these places let me know
  8. lawnMaster5000

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    The fact that the trailer was less than a month old made it worth every bit of my time.

    Tomorrow I am getting a quote to have the ramps sand blasted and repainted. I will know what it is worth after that.
  9. grassmanak

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    painting is probably not the best idea anyways, powder coat would hold up much better. My guess would be they did a bad job of prepping them before painting.
  10. lawnMaster5000

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    The rest of the trailer is powder coated. I assumed that meant the ramps too when they said it was powder coated. I guess never assume anything.

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