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Do or (did) i need a permit for this?


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Last week I installed a crushed stone driveway for one of my clients. After excavating the material I began to load my truck to take it away to a dump site about 20 minutes away. The client ran out and asked what I was doing with the material even though I already agreed on removing the material off site. Turns out he has a couple acres that are next to his house that he wanted to use the material on so I agreed to dump it. For an extra fee I opened up an old road that he had which had overgrown for about 15 years with a skidsteer and piled some material. Did I need a permit to do so? Also I have some extra clean fill which the client is interested and I plan on delivering to him this coming monday and I was just wondering if I would need a material to restore this road on his property. I know it sounds stupid but I need to get with the times.. im still working off my knowledge where I lived in CT where anything goes... Massachusetts is much different Ive attached a couple pictures below.



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Cape Cod
If this is an area that is a wetland or buffer to one, it would require a permit. Different towns enforce these to a different degree in Massachusetts. Down here on the Cape they are pretty ruthless. The South Shore area is loaded with wetlands as you probably know. Some wetlands aree easy to recognize while others are not. Here on the Cape, the landowner is usually held responsible to the DEP or the local Conservation Commission. The town goes after the landowner and leaves it up to the homeowner to worry whether someone else is responsible or not.

If it is his land and there are no wetlands than there should not be a problem unless it is asphault or something other than stone or other type of natural material.