do people still judge you but weight?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DiSantolandscaping, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Most every one here is an owner and with that owners work harder faster and longer than so called normal people could possibly comprehend. Get past your own abilities and how many large guys do you know who do not do this trade that could fill in at your production levels? Just because you have hardened your self through years of hard labor and are the exception to the rule doesn't mean everyone else is. And that is what I see when I am interviewing an potential employee and that is what a client sees when he is getting a bid from a potential landscaper.

    I remember years ago when I worked for my old employer he hired a high-school football player guy was huge and intensely strong we were doing a clean up in a marsh on the Housatonic River. A major storm had washed all kinds of junk into these rich snobs back yard including a telephone poll. It was about a 20 foot section and this guy picked it up solo and walked it to the river on his shoulder. This is a guy that did all those practices for foot ball he didn't last 4 hours the rest of us had to cover for him working a full 10 hours each. Was he stronger then us yes he was could he out work us not even close. Iv been making men cry and quit and rethink their lives for 23 years. I wasn't trying to pick a fight with the larger landscaping owners here was just giving my observations over well over 100 employees in my time.
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    Focused on getting new bids for next season with a slimmer body should be the last consideration. Being proper weight for good health is far, far more important than an image presented to a potential customer.
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    People do see the physical structure of the body and the grooming and clothing that the body appears in... the other thing people see most importantly is attitude...

    Beyond that it is the enthusiasm and efficiency, during the actual work process... good luck on all counts... :)
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    It is a natural fact that giant strong men don't have the long term endurance of just like the aged, haven't got longevity in busting it all day long...

    As an employer your job isn't to bust it all day long , but to work smarter and use the talent that you have wisely... I've had helpers that were superior in size and strength and I wish I could find another one today... I see your kind racing from job to job everywhere,,, never taking time to think,,, working harder, NOT smarter and leaving a trail of dust in the air for the neighborhood, plants poorly planted and soon to die, and you think you can diss someone because the are bigger and stronger... I can easily diss your work everywhere I see it, but I don't,,, out of courtesy... to you I extend no courtesy... :)
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    I meant to say fold them like wallet.... Sound familiar Gold....haha.
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    No i said "I will fold you in half" close tho lol
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    You and me in fight would be like Vin diesel and the rock going at it....LOL
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    I have lost 15 lbs since last winter. So I am down to normal height to weight levels. The best way to do it is "speed weadeating". I am always walking fast with the trimmer. The problem is, I will always gain it back over the winter:cry: I think it is really hard to get jobs because of so many people in the business. Not because you are over weight
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    ok Im not reading 4 pages but based off of the first, you deffinitely need to drop all the soda. Get addicted to coffee like me! And yes I think appearance helps. I know looking like I was 15 when I started helped me. Thats wearing off quick...
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    OMG man get a grip "I see your kind" iv been laughing about that line for the past 10 hours I am surprised no one commented on your tone yet. How do you draw conclusions about work quality business ethics and intelligence with no evidence to back you up? You had no information in that regard you just just pulled that out of your rear and went on the attack. You say you won't diss people like this then lump me into this group you made and do just that. That's one impressive chip on your shoulder you got there. Me and my Kind LOL :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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