Do skid steers have titles to prove ownership?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by blaster2005, Mar 7, 2007.

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    I have never owned a skid steer. I'm concerned about buying one that may be stolen or may have a lien on it! I was looking at one on ebay and the serial number was not disclosed. I also felt his answers on paper work were sketchy, considering it was a 2004 one owner machine! Any info would be appreciated!
  2. ksss

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    There are some data bases you can check. Usually the manufacturer tracks reported stolen machines. You will need the PIN number. I would get a picture not his word of what it is. Give that to your local dealer they can check the OEM data base. Also check with local law enforcement. They can check the NCIC data base. If it was reported stolen the serial number will have been put into NCIC. When the PIN is run it will automatically hit in NCIC. I know that E-Bay can save you money, but I can't trust the people on there. I would rather go to auction and take my chances there than on E-Bay. your local bank can check to see if there is already a lien on it, your dealer may also have that ability.
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    You should be very concerned about e-bay, I have had 3 of my machines cut and pasted from my website or the trader online and advertised on e-bay auctions! Those were the ones that I was informed of by observant consumers that noticed my machines advertised elsewhere and contacted me wondering what was going on. There could have been more that I never knew about! A big part of the problem is the inability to talk to anyone at e-bay since all contact had to be through e-mail. This doesn't even touch on the topic of misrepresented machinery on online auctions. Good luck you will need it.
    As for the 3 pieces of my machinery that were fraudulently auctioned on e-bay, I watched the first machine go full term with the auction, an ebay email told me that they canceled any transaction. The other two machines were pulled as soon as I sent an e-mail to e-bay safe harbors division.

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