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    So i have been looking for a skid steer (45-75hp) or a Compact Tractor (35-50hp) for quite sometime now.

    The brands i am looking at for Skids are :
    -Bobcat (preffered)
    -CAT (2nd on list)
    -New Holland (3rd on list)
    -Case (4th)

    Compact Tractors:
    -John Deere 3000 or 4000 series with r4 tires and loader
    -Kubota Tractor ^compareable size with r4 tires and loader

    Skid steers bottom out at around 10k for a decent condition skid with around 1000 hours on it(on the low side) and are normally between 13k-18k for a decent used skid steer with 600-900 hrs. The new value of them starts at around 25k and goes up from there.

    Compact tractors bottom out at around 10k for very old, a lot of hours machine that comes with a loader and a lot smaller engine than a skid. (25-35hp) the 35-45 hp bottom out at around 15k. The new value on a 28-34 hp tractor ranges from 14k for just the tractor and with the loader around 18k-20k depending on brand. For a 35-45hp they go anywhere from 19k-26k base.

    My question to you guys is what makes the skid steer value and compact tractor value drop? I mean, i have been looking for quite some time at tractors and the seem to not get any lower than 10k. Even with 3k hours and beat to hell paint(1995ish model) they are still going on Machine Finder, ebay, craigslist and online auctions for 10k-15k. WHICH IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY FROM THE BRAND SPANKIN NEW TRACTOR IN SHOWROOM CONDITION WITH 1 HOUR ON IT.

    Skid steers have a relatively well resale value as well even when they are old.

    I hope this is making sense to you guys but im not sure why tractors never go for cheap? I am looking to buy either machine this spring and i would like to spend somewhere in the 10-18k range for a skid or compact tractor with relatively lower hours. I was looking as skids in FL and GA awhile this summer for around 12-13k with 1200 hours on them , new paint job and reconditioned everything. One was a s185 and the other was a t190 (both 2007) with hi flow. I should have bought one when i saw them and wish i did. I cant find any better of a deal now. Now i am thinking just buying a brand new Kubota L2800 or B3300SU

    What i plan on using it for would be material hauling, snow removal in winter months, pallet lifting, and grading. I would rather have a skid steer because of the lifting capasity and versitility but i wish they weighed less. I like the tractor option because of the panameramic view, the easy of destruction on turf, and because they have their niche in every day operations such as brush hogging, mowing acreage, and helping around the yard.

    To sum this whole, rambling post off. I am wondering why you never see tractors and skids with 3-4k hours worth 4-7k. That machine is pretty much done and they are still asking 10k or more, sometimes even up to 15k for a pos skid steer and tractor.

    Also, i want recomendations for machines as well. I know there are many threads about "WHICH SHOULD I CHOSE" but i would like opinions on this thread as well.
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    Skids and compact tractors hold their value well, even when old. I have a JD 3203 with loader and 500 hrs and I can sell it for 4-5K less than I paid brand new in 2006. That said, I would either buy lightly used (basically you save the initial depreciation) or new. I have had several tractors and I strongly encourage you to look hard at kubota if you buy a tractor over a skid. I currently own a john deere and I know many here may disagree but I feel the current Deeres aren't built as well as the older ones. John deere 4300, 4400, 4500, etc. (older models) tractors with low hours would be good options if buying used. Any kubota, new or used, is a good decision. Kubotas are workhorses and you just can't beat them. if you buy a tractor new, don't make the mistake of buying the economy models like those kubotas you mentioned. They trick you with a lower price and these tractors aren't as capable as the nicer ones for a few grand more. I made this mistake with my current tractor. loader lift is half of the better series, and there is only 2 speed hydro, poor hydraulics, etc. Kubota is the same. Buy a B 20 or 30 series or a Grand L40 and you will be much happier. I don't know anything about skids as I have never owned one so can't help you there. I hope this helps in your decision. When looking for tractors you should look for used models on craigslist or ebay being sold by "joe landowner" who has a couple acres and his tractor is a few years old and basically new with like 100 hours on it and in perfect condition. You may get several grand off the price of new by buying one like this.
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    Good used tractors are in great demand as there just is not a lot of them on the market, never has been. People tend to hold onto tractors as they are more versatile than skids and easier to move. This contributes to them holding a high value for decades if diesel powered.
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    tractors dont depreciate like construction equipment. Everyone wants a tractor, they are more versatile. I wouldnt want to use one in place of a skid tho

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    As i am thinking about it more, i think more and more that buying and financing is the way to go. I have read so many forums about how tractors and skids dont have very much breakdowns(besides slipping a track(trackloaders) but other than they they run pretty cleanly for the lift of the engine and the care that is taken.

    If i finance the tractor for 60 months,payment would be between 300-450 per month depending on options. I am looking at the Kubota L40 Grand or the John deere 4105 with turf tires.

    If i buy used, i am looking at around 16k for a decent sides tractor or skid and that money will be gone, but i will have no payments on anything so i wont HAVE to do work to justify it and it could sit if it very well may do for a couple of months.

    I would much rather have a tractor, but i think a skid would be way more benificial for me because i could get a kage system on there and sub it out in the winter. Which would pretty much pay for the entire thing in one year. Also, i can work for my uncles building company to do grading so they dont have to hire an outside company after they do foundation digging.

    I have a long ways to go back and forth before i purchase but i like getting it all out and hearing what you guys think about it before i pull the trigger.

    My deadline is around March 30th, so ive got pleanty of time.
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    A skid is the way to go if your primary business is digging/construction. A tractor will do anything that a skid will, but it will take longer. A skid will not do everything a tractor will! One thing to keep in mind is quality tractor implements are much more affordable than skid attachments!You dont aerate athletic fields with a skid! This is a tough decision, look before you leap!

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have gone back and forth on this topic in my head for quite sometime now. What i am going to do:

    PLAN A-If i can find a t190 or s185 with less than 1k hours on it for less than 15k i am going to buy it

    PLAN B: I will find a 35-45 hp compact tractoruse in the 13-15k range with less than 1000 hrs on it

    PLAN C: If i cant find either of those machines i will go with an older 763 bobcat low hours or buy a brand new 4000 series john deere with just the loader and add attachments as i go.
  8. lawn king

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    If you go with a cut, get a hydrostat with live independent pto!
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    Don't fret the hours if the machine has been maintained. Be very careful with the T190 as they are very difficult to check rear drive oil and as such are often neglected. You have take tracks loose and pull sprocket to check oil and they only hold a few ounces. If they have been neglected if can be as much as 5k to fix. Thats one reason that you see such a price diff in 190's. Look at 250's or larger. Also look at Gehl's or Mustang's they are made by Takeuchi and have very tough track drives. There are several in my area and they are bullet proof.
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    delong, better come up to fenton soon. I have both you can run. Get a nice late model repo skid first. put 5-10k down and make a 350-450 a month payment. NO big deal.

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