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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 3, 2003.

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    its almost time for the real money to be made. sept and oct are big months for us, we do alot of thatching/powerseeding. my question is: if u have a client on a flat monthly rate payment arrangement, and u do powerseeding, u will probably end up skipping at least 2 weeks mowing. will u deduct the skipped cuts from the monthly service fee?
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    Do you charge extra if more cuts are required in a month due to excessive growth??? If you do charge more, discount the missed mowings, if you dont charge more, then no discount.
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    Good topic

    What we do is first of all is, we are on a 7 day cutting cycle. No extra's. So for me that does not apply.

    The aerating and seeding. We do not skip any weeks, why should we? There is still the rest of the lawn that needs cutting, beds cleaned and so on.

    We don't lower our height for seeding. We only lower as the weather cools. Not only that but we are only spot seeding, and there usualy is not much damage.

    We spread out our seeding over 2 weeks or 3. We will start in August this year and probably do 3 weeks
  4. I bill monthly for services rendered, it was to much of a hassle to get on monthly contract.
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    glan, when we powerseed, we do the whole lawn, so the "rest of the lawn" does not need cutting. and as far as the beds needing september? there are some lawns that get basic bed cleaning on a weekly basis, its charged like this: say the lawn mowing is charged at $30 per visit, if beds need weekly blowing, we may charge $5-$10 extra for this service. it wouldnt be worth my while to go and do just the bed cleaning, at 5-10 beans, and have to deduct the mowing. so if u indeed did skip the mowing, would u deduct it from the bill? the only reason i dont like this sometimes, is cus "add on services" are just that, add on services. if i have to skip 2 weeks worth of cutting, that client becomes less profitable.
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    Ok Bobby I see where your getting at.

    You and I have a different approach to the fall seeding.

    We only scratch out what is damaged. Aerate the entire lawn area, and spot seed ONLY where we raked out the damage. There is no need to overseed an entire lawn when it is fine condition. So we don't skip any weeks after the seeding has been done. But I can't do it all in 1 week. That is why I said we do it in 2 or 3 weeks. We'll do like 2 days of route a week. That keeps us on schedule with everything.

    I think what your saying is that. It will take you 2 weeks or more to get through all your seeding and that is all you can do, nothing else. So that you are not able to cut grass due to your seeding procedure and the time it takes for you to get from start to end of the route.

    That's that case, you are lossing some income. it doesn't make your approach wrong. I know a couple guys that do actualy skip 1 week. They have a similar situation as you do. It will take them

    And there is no written law that says you have to aerate at the time of seeding. We have at times seeded and return 2 or 3 weeks later to aerate.
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    the thing is, if we can get 3-5 bills for each property to thatch and seed, giving up 2 weeks worth of cutting isnt killing me, but it does put a small dent in the monthly billings. i guess im not wording my question properly. if the client is contracted for 28 cuts, fert program, spring and fall cleanups, and billed on 10 equal payments, and THEY request thatching and seeding, should you deduct the price of two cuts from the monthly service fee, if u r not gonna cut the next two weeks after seeding? i know what u mean as far as repairing damaged areas of the lawn. we generally get tons of work that customers request thatching and seeding of the entire property, even if they dont need it, they believe they do, and i give it to them. i dont believe u should thatch and seed, then go back a few days later and trample the place with equipment and men walking on the newly seeded lawn.
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    Well what about you only skipping 1 week if you can. That way you may not necessarily need to reduce the fees. Going 2 weeks you probably should discount, you may be able to away with only 1 week. Saying that letting it go till the 3rd week is fine for seed but the rest of the lawn grew and is much more of problem cutting on the 3rd week.

    Not like we race across the seeded area the next week. Putting the walk behinds right over the seed and peat moss blowin it around :p Small spots, sure the mowers go right over. It has no bad affect on the seeding. Not only that about a week later or 2 the latest is our #4 fertilizing

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    YES build the two cuts into the reseeding price.
    looks like u are a reasonable guy and the good will will go a long way.

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