do u have to?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mikey, Apr 21, 2002.

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    have a cust who wants me to lay 5 yds of mulch for him its in a 500 sq ft area,with a few big trees in it.never laid mulch b4
    do i have to dig a couple of inches off the existing soil then add the mulch?also he wants me to put down plastic to prevent the weeds from growing back,are there any other options beside laying the plastic down?
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    You don't have to remove any soil, but it's a good practice to remove existing weeds and/or treat with herbicide so they don't grow up thru your mulch.

    There is a product called weed FABRIC which claims to prevent weeds. It will allow water and air thru it so plants don't "suffocate" unlike plastic.

    NOW, that having been said......check out this recent thread about the pros and cons of this product and weigh your options.

    Good Luck, Landscraper

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    Yeah , dont have to remove any soil.. Unless he wants defined edges of the deds then I would edge the beds and remove some of that soil but just throw it into the other areas of the beds.. The weed fabric is a good choice unless he plans on doing annuals or perennials /bulbs, then any kind of weed fabric, plastic or cloth will become an issue... Remove old weeds and lay a heavy layer of mulch down like 2 to 3 " s or so.. This will prvent most weeds from coming thruohg.. You may get some that the seeds fly into the mulch , but they are easy to pull out... Good luck....

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