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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jcom, Apr 1, 2008.

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    We will be giving an estimate tomorrow on a 1.75 acre lot and he want to water all of it. He wants a separate tree zone for 100 trees in a row. He had an estimate two years ago for 12 zones.

    Now the kicker. He is on rural water for the water source now. He wants his system now. Rural water dictates a 5/8" meter off a 1" line. No variations.

    He has signed up for 100,000 gals./mo. for $150.00 to be available next year. (2009)
    A new irrigation supply from a river POC that is starting in his area.

    He wants to use the future water for obvious economic reasons, but he wants a system now.

    We will have 70 psi now and the same is true for the future POC. We will find out tomorrow as to the pipe size and gpm available when the new system is up and operational. However, I think this is a moot point as he wants a system now.

    Are there any alternatives to just designing the system for his rural water alone with a
    tap for the river water when it is available?

    Any help is appreciated. It sounds like several proposals are going to be obtained.
    And of course, I want to find any options that will allow us to be successful!

    Thanks to all of the gurus and others,

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    Over engineer it if you have doubts about the resources in the future. Other than that, I dont really understand the question. The drip zone for the trees is an easy 1 zone on 1/2" poly, low pressure, lest there is super-significant distance involved.

    70 psi is good, flow is important to find out, go from there.
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    Agreed. Design your system now expecting to use river water (sans some obvious equipment), and you should be good to go. Make sure you get your hydrozones done correctly.

    I would expect significant distance is involved with 100 trees in a row. Some questions would be:

    What type of trees?

    What are they being used for?

    How old are they?
  4. Ferti-man

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    How clean is this river? Will drip emitters be the best option? May need to consider dirty water in design. GPM from POC will dictate zone sizing along with head type; main / lateral line sizing... Make sure valves can handle dirty water as well. Filters only catch so much.

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