Do you accept credit cards?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Tony Harrell, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Tony Harrell

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    Let's update this topic since most of the previous posts are so old. And yes, I did do the search. Please tell us as much about this as possible please. Thanks
  2. I do not. There is a method to my madness besides the cost and hassle of accepting credit cards. If the customer is more interested in airline miles vs. what his property looks like I am not interested in doing business with this type of person.

    Now if you are in the landscape construction biz that's another story.

    But for myself who does full service lawn and landscape maintenance I look for customers that have money in the bank and can cut me a check 8 months of the year until they die or move out of my service area.

    Many of you guys need to qualify your customers and stop working for people with cash flow issues. When looking at new job the first question that should come to your mind is:

    Does this account have the means to go the long haul?
  3. heygrassman

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    There is some validity in Mr. Stone comments about CC's. However, if there are cash flow problems you may not ever know unless you run credit checks on every customer. I could concieveable live is a $500K house and have cash flow problems. Once we break 50 to 75 regular accounts we will begin to accept credit cards (most likely with a fee of $2-3 dollar). If my senior citizen customer is more happy to get air miles to be able to go see the grandkids and is willing to pay my processing fee then she is happy and I am happy.

    I also agree with Mr. Stone regarding installation. Accepting cards would be very convenient.

  4. John Allin

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    We accept them, and prefer them.
  5. Mykster

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    How do you go about getting set-up to take credit cards and, how much does it cost to get set-up?
  6. LawnLad

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    We're in the process of getting quotes now for credit cards. I believe that it will provide some of my otherwise good, but slow paying customers, a payment option (that may become mandatory for habitual late payers).

    As well, more and more customers have been asking for it. If people choose to use their credit cards irresponsibly and live beyond their means, that's their choice. They'll do it whether they spend the money with me or at the department store.

    I believe that credit/debit cards are becoming more of a way of life for people as customers do not want to write out a check if they can avoid it. I'm not saying it's the future of all payments, but I see a growing interest in it. I might as well get on board now when it's a choice rather than being forced to do it down the road.
  7. SCL

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    There are telemarketer types that try to sell you on a low rate per purchase, but you have to buy their expensive scanners. Try your local banks, they're competitive and you can buy or lease equip from them cheaper. I myself haven't done this yet, but I have looked on E-Bay and there are always credit card machines on there. Trying to figure out how I want to do this.
  8. Stonehenge

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    Tony's comment notwithstanding, run a search. There's lots of great info on this topic.

    And while the info is probably a whole year old, I think you'll find that there was still electricity and running water back then, and the info contained there still applies.

    A suggestion: if you want to add to an old thread, just reply to it. It'll bring it back to the top and give everyone the context for your question.
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    When I did the search, there was not much useful info and I'm assuming some new members have been added. I agree that the search function is valuable but, we don't all have time to browse for hours on every hit of a particular search. There's no need to belittle a post, just ignore it or you'll lose members to the other site which embraces members. And when and if that site belittles members, a new site will pop up. Remember, thousands of guys were very successful before these sites came along.
  10. Stonehenge

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    These threads didn't have much useful info?

    Then maybe you should do now what you should have done in the first place. Ask a specific question. The question you pose is impossibly broad, like asking, 'tell me everything you know about trucks.' It appears you are belittling the efforts of the many members who have come before you by stating that there wasn't anything in those threads of use to you. I found the info to be incredibly helpful.

    I think you'd find people would be much more willing to spend time to give you a response if you were to demonstrate that you've done a little homework yourself, and not just asked for a handout. Have some respect for the people who have taken time to give free advice here, and read what they've written, and ask articulate, specific questions. You'll find people more than willing to offer a great deal of help - just don't treat them like they owe you.

    And you can use the 'other site' if you like, but if you do a little homework, I think you'll find me there, too.

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