Do you bag grass when it is raining?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by opher, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. opher

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    Just started couple of weeks ago,passed out 600 hangers and getting lots of Accts. I am starting to get a little worried , I did not think starting this late in the season I would be getting this busy, still have my 45+ hr day job. the reason for this post, on friday evening when it was raining I decided to cut so I would not get behind, I have a new EX-MARK 48'' with a bagger. The lawn was about 6-8 inches high so I bagged, What a nightmare with it clogging up . A 1/2 hr job took 1-1/2 hrs, do you guys bag in the rain?

  2. guven

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    Today, I just bagged one of my yard , the grass was 2' high because of rain and biweekly cut. I have over 45 clients , I just bag two of them , I do not like bagging.
    good luck to you.
  3. daveintoledo

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    not in the rain, not in the sunshine.. its a wast of time, un needed.... and not profitable...
  4. All_Clear

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    I agree dave, i did it 1 time and told the guy never again, lost the account but :rolleyes: whoopteeedooo... He was a PITA anyway. I won't offer to do it again. If they want it raked then sure but it's an hourly charge :laugh:

    All Clear
  5. dcondon

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    We have 1 account that get's bagged. That's if we feel like it.
  6. mcwlandscaping

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    i judge if the account needs bagged or not, bagging sucks, there is one account that gets bagged, for the most part, if an account grows so much that it needs to be bagged after one week, then that lawn should be cut more than once per week!
  7. ed2hess

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    The only unit I ever had that will bag in the rain is a 21" Honda!
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    I have a grass gobler but only use it in the fall. It's been used for about a 1/2 of a front lawn ths season. Last year, it was used a bit more but I got tired of it real quick and then wqhen the customer did not read the aggreement and see that it was going to be an additional $25.00 for the bagging, He got dropped real quick.
    I can't believe that a$$ expected a lawn that takes about 30 minutes to cut when discharging would only take an extra 5-10 when bagging. He said he thought I was stealing from him charging the extra $25.00 for bagging.
    I told him you signed the aggrement and by that acknowledged the charges that were on it! (not to mention, I verbally told the customer what ALL the charges would be and what payment methods I accepted!)

    He paid for it the 1 time I bagged it and then told me not to bag again. I mowed his lawn for another 3 or 4 weeks and then when he wanted it bagged again, I told him it would be $25 extra. He said fine sure... I told him I need the money up front. When he wouldn't pay up front, I knew I was going to get stiffed so I havent seen him since!

    Bagging is annoyingand hugley un-profitable!!!
  9. All_Clear

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    I agree and this one yard i did, grew 3+ inches a week... Told the guy he was over ferting and I wouldnt bag anymore. Said i can mow twice a week for you, Tues & Fri or Mon & Thurs... NO! Thats to close together, He wants every 4 days on the dot... Well as he knew from the get go, i wont work the weekends, I don't have to and frankly thats my choice. So needless to say he's now looking for a new LCO. I've seen him drive by my house checking it out twice now, so i waved at him today while doing my own edging :laugh:

    So after that i decided.. ah no more bagging unless they pay me hourly, it's just not worth the extra work and time. (and yes i do charge more for bagging but i dont see it being profitable unless they pay your hourly, just my opinion)

    All Clear
  10. GrassQuester

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    Ill never bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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