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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. bobbygedd

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    you send out renewel contracts, or, if u r a scrub and don't use contracts, you make your yearly phone call, "i'm getting started mrs smith, are we on?" ok, either way, you don't hear back from the client. what do you do? call again, or just leave it at that? and...what if you DO make a follow up call, and they don't return your call, or send back the contract, do you keep calling?
  2. Eho

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    I am still small and don't use contracts so in about February I give every single one of my customers a call and let them know I m still in the business would like their business this year. One year a guy told me he d call me for some work in a while...never heard from him again and he had another company mowing that year, oh well it happens. This year I managed to retain 100% of my customers. I like to call them once and if they dont call me back ever, I get the message.
  3. willretire@40

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    I wonder the same thing. What i have been doing for one customer that i really want back ($150 a week) is i called her and left one message and call her back once a week but dont leave a message. But i still dont have her yet so i guess i need to let this one go.
  4. rodfather

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    I'm not a scrub and I don't use contracts...after 11 dependable years, we just show up when it's time and begin.
  5. Kickin Your Grass

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    I dont use contracts unless its commercial. As far as residential goes....If you hired me.....We show up each year as usuall untill the customer calls and cancels.
  6. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
    from NJ
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    oh crap, i'm sorry, let me rephrase that. it's A NEW CUSTOMER in a neighborhood your working in. they inquired about service in fall. you gave the info, the deal is set, you send out contract, and never hear from them. you follow up call, they don't return your call. does it stop there? or do you keep calling?
  7. specialtylc

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    I guess we are a scrub operation with our few residetial clients, as we have no contract with them. We do about 20 res lawns which amounts to less than 10% of our business.And I call them a month or so in advance to be sure its a go for this season.If they dont call me back , then they are not going to get service for the year. The comercial accts are on a contract basis and most of those are all signed in october.
  8. Mo Green

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    Just another BobbyGedd trying to make himself out to be superior thread.

    I send out a letter to my customers telling them when I will be there for their first cut. I tell them to call me if there is a problem.
  9. rodfather

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    Sorry, I do in fact use contracts with a few commercial residentials though.
  10. proenterprises

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    Lacking contracts dosent make a scrub. BTW Bobby, I hope when you draft memo's to your customers, you dont write like you do here "u/r"? Some capital letters wouldnt hurt either.

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