Do you charge more if a customer wants you to mow every 14 days?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pitbullawns, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Pitbullawns

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    I have a customer who initially wanted me to do his lawn for $25.00 ($100 month). It's a small lawn, but not THAT small. I told him $160 for a month of service (4 mows). He came back at me with how much would it be to only do it twice a month, every 14 days. I explained I would actually charge MORE for this as it would be more work for me. He gave me the story of it being a financial hardship and everything. Mind, you this is his SECOND home he rents out. I thought I gave him a fair (and kind of low) price to begin with. Am I wrong for saying I would charge more? Basically he would be getting the same work out of me for less money...right?
  2. tyler_mott85

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    No you are not wrong. I hate when other companies or when customers think that they should receive the same cost of service when you're not actually doing the same amount of work.

    I've always given a price that is $10 more a week for an average ($30) yard making a little bit of extra cash for the extra work.

    I'm thinking now about making a policy that if you want mowed bi-weekly you'll be charged an additional 50% of the weekly mowing price. $30=$45, $40=$60.

    I think people are so worried about every single little dollar that they don't realize that even if it's more per cut it will save them money at the end of the year.

    I am also starting a fee for any customer that wants to "hold off" a week for some reason other than weather. I cannot charge them for what mother Nature throws at me but if they want me to wait because of a party or a garage sale they'll at least get the additional 50% tacked on and maybe a rescheduling fee.

    I don't want to be too mean because it isn't very popular around here amongst mowing companies to charge more for biweekly. Oh-well.

    Good Luck.
  3. Mowbizz

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    Generally, if someone wants you to do something "out of your own routine" like bi-weekly instead of weekly, you charge them more for that service because it disrupts your own routine every other week, if all your other accounts are weekly. That's my understanding of it. (BTW I won't take on anything but weekly accounts, and if I have to skip because of dry conditions, so be it).
  4. Pitbullawns

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    Oh yes, I did tell him that I won't charge for mows when the weather doesn't permit. It was just that I did a lawn last year "every 10 days" and it was a
    b!tch! I can't imagine what waiting til 14 days would look like.
  5. Florabama

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    Don't knock bi-weekly maintenance too much, it has its advantages and can get you work from people who might not hire a landscaper. Most of my clients are bi-weekly. A few pull out the riding tractor on off weeks and cut only and I do full detail on my visits. Others just have always had bi-weekly. The benefit for me comes in when I want to squeeze out a few days to do an install, major cleanup or retaining wall (or take a few days away from this sheet...) You have to price them right but nothing wrong with them in my book especially when considering the extra wiggle room. I have also found that on the Gulf Coast you can keep working during winter with a steady revenue stream ie - leaves, light pruning, frost damage, etc. for the price of a visit. There has to be a few out there that operate this way....
  6. shane mapes

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    what i do is , if the lawn is say a $25.00 per mow on a weekly basis and they want to go bi-weekly i would charge $75.00 per month. some months we end up mowing a week extra @ the same rate. seems to work for me .
  7. topsites

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    Dang this is too dumb, I am so sorry to be rude but that customer was in the bag LOL
    $100 a month one way is a $100 a month every 14 days, that's just how I would have told the man.

    Better yet...
    I am sorry I can't give a discount, but I do agree we don't have to mow it weekly, if the lawn isn't in the greatest shape
    it can probably stand it 3 times a month, how about, maybe we can try every 14 days at $35 a cut, or let me do it my way,
    2-3 times a month at $30 a cut, heck look, 30-35 and 2-3 times a month, we can figure this out as we go, deal?
    Too easy.

    Oh you bet, them's the kind don't chew my tail out over the phone because for some reason I had to put folks off for 3 more days.

    I have so totally put someone like that off for a WEEK and not a word was said.
    They can be great customers, I don't ever shut the door completely on these folks.

    In hard times, these are just the kind of customers, not all of them, but some to most they will stick with you if you
    go out and get a DUI tonight and that crap is all over the 11 o'clock news, they're the ones usually don't judge us.
    And I know I talk a lot like I'm all that, but it's just that, talk.

    Like yourself, the larger slice of my customer pie consists of these, granted the revenue comes from the high end
    but I'm not throwing these customers to someone else either, worst case scenario it's still good for word of mouth.
    No, don't ever throw the lower end, or I should say the middle class, to the dogs.
    Never, ever.
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  8. turfbuilder

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    I just explain to them that its tougher on my equipment because the grass is taller, more to trim, more time etc. so I have to charge them 25% more.
  9. Florabama

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    Exactly!! The key is doing a great job, showing some hort knowledge and not "going away". ALL of my customers formerly had mow and blow lawn service that just disappeared. These customer's will stick with you and if your sales skills are good and you know what the **** you are doing, extra work is just a matter of asking, ..if you have time. One of the reasons I love this business is the freedom it can provide. My weekly's take away part of that.
  10. I don't mind it either, but they have to pay more for it. More wear and tear, more time, more cleanup,etc. It's common sense. More time=More money. In certain cases, the every other week works better than monthly(if applicable).

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