Do you consider youself skilled?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landscraper1, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Landscraper1

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    Here is a quote from another thread, I read today.

    "Let's face facts here, we work in an industry that doesn't really require much skill or investment to be able to start up. If you have a lawn mower, trimmer and a rake, you can start a lawn mowing business...grab yourself a shovel and a wheelbarrow and you are now a "landscape contractor". Realistically, you could train a monkey to mow a lawn..."

    I took offense to this. If this is all we think of this industry then, we will not go far in this business. I feel that landscaping is like most trades, you have a starting point that is very basic but, must be expanded with education and experience. You can also say a person with a hammer and a saw, can call himself a carpenter. I have seen hack jobs done by men calling themselves a carpenter or landscaper.
  2. fastlane

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    There is a big difference between mowing lawns and landscaping. I think the two should not be painted with the same brush. Most people can maintain their lawn. Most people can't build walls or lay pavers etc.
  3. Patriot Services

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    Technically, building walls and laying pavers is Hardscaping a different field in itself and definately not unskilled.
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  4. ToddH

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    I am not as creative with designs as I would like.
  5. newguy123

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    I agree 100%, even though I predominantly do maintenance & snow. With that said, I still consider myself skilled. Yes just about anyone can mow a lawn...but efficiency in time (not just moving fast) while doing a great job is part of the skill set. Couple that with the ability to sell and retain customers...yes even lawn maintenance companies can be highly skilled. As fastlane said, landscaping and lawns should not be painted with the same brush.
  6. KrayzKajun

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    I consider myself skilled. I have a very extensive knowledge of plant materials, proper planting and care techniques. I have college background in Horticulture. I am a licensed Arborist, irrigation contractor, Ornamental & Turf Applicator, Landscape/Horticulturist. I maintain my certifications with yearly continuing education classes and constantly educating myself and others of new info in this industry. I have a good eye for design and balance in new landscapes and enhancing mature landscapes
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  7. Valk

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    Seeing the potential for future problems/issues takes a trained eye...and presenting these to your customer takes some skill as well. People skills go a long ways toward customer retention.

    One of my longest running customers has a multi-trunked Redbud in her front yard. Over the years, I'm seeing that one of the trunks is beginning to separate itself distance-wise from the others. Unfortunately it is leaning toward the house. An icestorm will no doubt make for some catastrophic issues - as I can envision some damage to her roof/gutters/eaves and even taking out a few I warned her about this possible scenario. The ball is in her court should she take proactive actions. It is more tree than I would want to should be left to an arborist to manage.
  8. Turf Dawg

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    Just about anyone can MOW a YARD

    Very few can CUT a LAWN

    If you do not understand you are probably in the first category.
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  9. fastlane

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    Please explain the difference.
  10. Landrus2

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    I'm on it for 30+ years and want do die learning.:waving:

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