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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. MOturkey

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    About people? I will do "one time" mowings, if I have time. Usually do several each season, most because their mower is broken down, going on vacation, etc. Lady called day before yesterday, and told my wife she needed her yard mowed, and could I give an estimate. Drove by after work. Yard hadn't been mowed, I'm guessing, in about 4 weeks, and we've had bunches of rain. No one home, so headed on home to get ready to mow a couple of my regular accounts.

    Phone rings, it is this lady. Even forgot she had already called. I told her I already looked at her yard, but would have to have $60 because it would need double-cutting. She asked if I could do it that day. Well, no, I've got regular customers that need mowing, but can probably work it in within a day or two. She needs it mowed THAT DAY. Sorry lady. Would be glad to do it, but can't today. Told her I would check with her today, if I had time, and did call her, but got the answering machine and no reply.

    Now, the yard didn't grow that much in one day, so why in the world would anyone think they can just call up someone and get them to drop what they are doing and run over and mow their yard. I mean, do they just wake up one morning and realize the yard is a foot tall! :)
  2. gorknoids

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    Some people believe that a person can survive on $60.00 per day, and that their lack of planning is somehow your problem.
    I love the Monday customers who ask how my weekend was......
  3. Chris G

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    yeh i have a customer who is just like that and i often just wish i could know what he was actually thinking
  4. billslawn89

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    its like we are sitting next to the phone waiting for a call. wtf...i have people call me in the morning and by the time i return their call in the afternoon, they say, well we found someone already. wtf... its only been two hours when they called.. man i'm gone and down the road at 7:30am....don't make sense to me. LOL
  5. DaughtryLC

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    She probably had family coming in or a party, God knows what! Got up that morning and said well I know those guys that CUT GRASS! need something to do!!
  6. Grass Cutter Tim

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    Today I was doing some regular miantenn=ance on the Z, and a realator that sends me alot of work called, he has a house going on the market Friday and they need the yard cut and BAGGED. I wasn't happy, but $100 is $100 after all!!!
  7. billslawn89

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    depends on how long it took! :dancing:
  8. zemzabob

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    Hey Mo I need my lawn done I'm willing to pay $500 but I need it done in the next five minutes or forget about it. lol Thats how some people think like their doing you a favor.
  9. N.TX

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    I will most of the time drop what im doing that day if its close to my route and for at least double the price ... usually i get it too. If its worth 25 ill charge 60 -70
  10. topsites

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    Why did she have to call you again?
    Right, she wasn't home at the time, but you never left her an estimate...

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