Do you find monocast tumbled pavers mildew more than other types?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by alldayrj, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I'm trying to do a patio for mom on the cheap this winter since shes buying the materials. A friend at a mason yard can get me about 7 skids of Unilock 6x9 and 6x6 in the coffee creek color. 50 bucks per pallet. The only thing holding me back is that I dont install many tumbled pavers and the existing concrete patio that is there now is covered in green and black garbage. It could have to do with the texture, lack of pitch, shade, or all three. I just want to make sure that these tumbled monocast Unilocks will hold up as well as the usual smooth surface dual cast pavers I put down (Cambridge). Do they still make these? I may need a few more skids or I can go with a large border or inner design to save some SF f prodduct. I'm not sure if they are liquidating stock to streamline product choice or what.

    Would poly sand or a sealer help this?

    Also, If you happen to have any pictures showing this color brick, I would like to see them. I would hate to pass on a good deal however I want it to look good too.
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    I assume these are the pavers you are talking about.

    I have used similar pavers from Belgard and Techo with great results. If price says anything then Unilock products are "better." They are very pricey up here. I would kill for 7 pallets at $50 per pallet. That pallet would run around $600 here.

    I try to seal most of my installs but I have found that mildew and grim is due to where the pavers are installed and lack of maintenance. Blowing/sweeping/hosing off.
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    And a pallet for $50??? Whaaat??
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    Welll i got them today. 5 skids of the rectangles and 3 skids of the squares. Also got 10 4' ep henry stair treads $510 delivered!!!! Need to finalize the design and figure out what i need to finish it out. Thinking of a double or triple border to kill some SF so i have enough of these for a modified herringbone in the main field.

    FYI Bissett nursery is clearing out tons of brick and wall block, plus every bullnose imaginable for $50 per pallet
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