Do you get a second Yellow Pages listing for free?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David Haggerty, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. I think I may have messed up on my listing in the yellow pages.
    I got a call from the account rep. last saturday. She was working saturday because the directory was closing (last) monday.

    I'm a solo operator, but I service big lawns like factories with a big Toro 580-D. I knew exactly how I wanted my listing under the "Lawn Maintenance" catagory:

    Haggerty Lawn Maintenance
    Groundskeeping Services..................................382-7505

    I added "groundskeeping services" instead of an address on the second line for no additional cost.
    Then she tells me that I get a second listing in the yellow pages free!

    The catagories were:

    Landscape Contractors
    Landscape Designers
    Landscape Gardeners
    Landscape Equipment & Supplies
    Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies
    Lawn Maintenance
    Lawn Mowers-Retail
    Lawn Mowers-Sharpening & Repair

    I picked Landscape Gardeners for the second listing.

    Today I looked in the yellow pages. The only other listing under the Landscape Gardeners heading is Rex Dell. Rex does fine work, but the last time I heard, he only had a 21" mower. His specialty is shrub and flower bed maintenance and just a few hundred square feet of finely kept grass.

    I've really messed up the yellow pages. We'll now have the largest and the smallest lawn cutters (only) under the same listing.
    Now I see I should have said Landscape Contractors, or maybe should have just said NO.

    Has anyone else had problems like this? What are you listed under in the phone book?

  2. lawncare

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    They have me under lawn maintenance and landscaping
  3. Guardian

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    from Florida
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    This is our second year in the book. We have a little 2" ad under Lawn Maintenance and last year they gave us "landscape contactors" for free. If you decide you want to stay under that "free" listing, you are charged the next year. So this time we moved our "free" listing to Grounds Management.

    We kept out main ad where it is. Last year it was only $29/mo, now the SAME ad is $50/mo

    Is it worth it? So far it is! Other than calling on businesses occasionally, it is just about the only form of advertising we do.
  4. strickdad

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    i dont know about the rest but, in n.c. if you are listed in "landscape contracters" you must be liscensed by the state. alot of guys around here were doing this and were caught by the gov. they were ordered to pay "hefty" fines and they ordered the phone co. to disconect the number they were using.. needless to say most of them are not in biz. anymore.
  5. Guardian, thanks for the info on switching the "free" listing next year to keep it free.
    I like that Grounds management heading. I don't think it was offered to me. I'll ask for it next year. Since you're in Florida, you have GTE/Verizon don't you?

    strickdad, Thanks for the heads up on the licensing requirement. I don't think Ohio has those requirements, but that's always what trips me up, the things I'd never suspect. So I'll check on that.

    Thanks again to all for the replies.


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