Do you get messages like this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOOLIE, Aug 9, 2007.


    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Yeah I don't know why people have this aversion to just leaving their address on their I get a call from someone "a neighbor of your customer Sally" and the guy launches into a detailed description of how to find his house..."all brick with 2-car garage" (that's every house there) and "you come to the stop sign. Take a right. Go about 500 yards (huh?) I'm the 4th house on the left past the second fire hydrant."

    So I call him back and asked for his ADDRESS, so he says he gave it to I tell him, no, you just gave me some directions but I want to make sure I'm going to the right house. Then he starts in with "the house with blue shutters" and so on so finally I said "Mr. Johnson what is the when you get mail sent to you what does it say?" So then I was thinking I was a bit too sarcastic but then the guy says "When I get mail it says 'Mr. Johnson'......" So I almost ran off the road, trying not to laugh into the phone...finally I'm like "What is the ADDRESS like 555 Main St. or what is it???" Then the light bulb finally clicked on for him and I got the address :laugh:

    But I mean, I get this all the time...I don't know what it is but they act like I can't read numbers or something...
  2. 1cooltreeguy

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    That's the south for you. We get that too but only from people who have lived here a long time.
  3. KrayzKajun

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    i get them all the time! it makes me laugh.
  4. mexiking

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    yeah same thing happens to us, I just tell them, no need to explain, I have GPS.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Funny thing was based on his message I thought he was next door to 'Sally' but turns out he's around the street somewhere else. Once I locate the second fire hydrant I'll know better :rolleyes:

    He also said he had 2 daughters that would be home while he's on vacation, but they were 'unable to operate a lawnmower' so I just had to ask what that was all about...he said he tried to show them but they just pull the cord and the mower won't start :laugh: I think they figured out how to get out of mowing the lawn :laugh: :laugh:
  6. bohiaa

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    I was told once to go down the road and at the 2nd dead tree thats the one that we want cut down,

    I didn't do it, I informed the customer if we cut down that tree, the entire town would be lost
  7. deere615

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    I burst out laughing when I read this "When I get mail it says 'Mr. Johnson'":hammerhead:
  8. JimLewis

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    Yep, that's how I handle it too. I just cut them off at the pass when they start that crap. But I get it a lot too. It's soooo annoying. :nono: :nono: :nono:
  9. swingset

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    I got a call the other day from a lady that said "I'm over near Shipley's, where the restaurant used to be" (no clue).

    So I say "What's your address and I'll find it, I have a GPS unit".

    She replies "Oh, I'm not on the map, you have to find the old restaurant, then I'm right behind that".

    I repeat the just give your address part.

    She says "I don't like to give my address out, cause I don't like getting all those letters".

    I say "Maam, I don't send letters, or sell your address, but without it I'm not going to be able to find you".

    "Oh, well I'm behind the old restaurant by Shipleys"

    <smashes head into steering wheel>
  10. lawnman_scott

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    Another thing I hate is when they ask if you kinow where "whatever" street is. And its always a major street that even a 2 year old child could find.

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