Do you get rejected via answering machine

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by twomancrew, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. twomancrew

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    I had a message this morning from a guy I did a huge bid for a month ago. He simply said although my price was competitive it wasn't enough for the board to accept my bid, and they were going to stay with overpriced well branded brand X service for 2014. Do you ever get left messages like this in the big league? Is it common?
  2. Oakleaf landscape

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    Usually you don't even get a call. We typically follow up with a phone call a week or two later and that's when we hear the news. Either we have gone with someone else or we are still considering your offer. I don't know what you consider big leagues? These are for our typical commercial contacts 10-20k.

    I find it odd that they opened the contract for bids and went with the company that had the contract. The only time our current contracts go out for bid are when we have gone up on price and the company can not afford us or we are canceling our service agreement with them. Usually when we are bidding, the reason they aren't just continuing their current contract is because they are not happy with their current landscaper and they have fired them.
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    i get rejected or hired through voicemail all the time. whats the big deal? i've had clients i've never even met in person. they called looking for an estimate and left me there address on my voicemail. i looked at the place and when i called back they didn't answer. left price on message and they called back and said hired.

    NOT everything needs to be done in person or over the phone. in fact none of it does in my opinion. messages, texts or emails are perfectly fine.
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    I do have 1 client that I have never met or talked to on the phone. E-mail is his preferred method of communication so we stick to that. I do the work, he's happy with it, I get paid no need to meet or talk. This is business in the 21st century. It requires adaptation in how you approach selling work as most people rely on the face to face to really sell things. If it's a big deal to you to be told no on the voicemail rather than in person find a way to answer the phone when it rings from now on. Then they can tell you no in person. Even if you answer every call it doesn't mean you'll win every job.
  5. Oakleaf landscape

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    I must have misunderstood his question. Yes, its common for people to leave important information in voice-mails. We are all busy people and can't always answer the phone. No point in playing phone tag for 2 days when it's a simple yes or no.

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