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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Amco Landscaping, Nov 21, 2004.

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    I was wondering if i was to put out flyers now for next season what type of coupons should i put on the flyer. I also wanted to put a coupon for plowing also? Anybody have some ideas?

  2. Jackman

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    I did the coupon thing about 12 years ago, it was a nice mass mailing with 5th cut free for all new customers that sign on by May 5...... The results was terrible, 14,000 sent out and I got 5 customers of which 1 dropped me after the 5th free one and 1 that the lawn was so rough that I dropped him after one season......... I still have the other 3 customers so the ad more than paid for it self, however with the coupon and 14,000 sent out I expected better results......
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    Once in a while, on the back of a general services flyer, I'll print three services and the prices to perform each service. An example might be: Ryegrass Overseed $ 45.00 up to 15k sf, Spray Lawn and Flowerbeds for Insects $ 39.99 up to 10k sf, Apply Winterizer fertilizer $ 39.00 up to 10k sf. Then at the base of the listed items I state "If a full service Scheduled Maintenance Program is signed at the time of service, two of the three services shown can be applied free". The customer feels like they are getting something for free and I get another full service contract. If they don't want to sign a contract it's a good price for them and I usually get someone who will start using my service. Only advertise stuff you can do quick with little labor so you still make a few bucks if they don't sign a contract. I get calls for general work this way and when I do estimate a job I always tell the customer I will give you a discount on the job if you sign a full service maintenance program. You have some leverage in dealing with customers if you can make them feel like they are getting a special deal.The amount of time you spend looking for customers is outweighed by the small profit when it leads to getting them as a customer. Just don't waste your time in moderate income areas. Market to those areas who rely on us routinely. Peace.
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    As a reward for referals I send these to my cusstomers. With a little Photoshop work you can make them in any denomination you choose or for any service. The great thing about these are that they're a conversation piece and not everyone will use them. That means that you've gotten the goodwill that sending them provides but don't actually have to provide the discount, unless of course, they use them.

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    Hi mowerman90,

    That really looks great! Nice Job!

    Hi Amco Landscaping,

    If you need some flyer ideas or discount ideas, we have a bunch of flyers here you can download and manipulate. Maybe they will help.

    Click image for link.

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    Here's my latest coupon.....


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