Do you give estimates on the spot or do you mail them?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CNYScapes, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. CNYScapes

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    I have always went to an estimate and the next day I mailed them the written copy. Sometimes if I can ballpark it, I will give them a range of price, but I have always mailed the estimate.

    I recently bought a laptop and was thinking of typing out and printing the estimate right on the spot and handing it to them. Do you think it is worth the extra effort and money for the portable printer?
  2. Soupy

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    What type of work are you estimating? We do lawn care only and have 3 copy proposals which has all the services we offer (along with two areas to list other work) it also has an area to check different payment options and at the bottom has our terms and conditions. After we fill in the blanks, The bottom gets signed and a copy is handed to them. If they choose to think about it then we tear off one copy for our records and leave them two copies so they can sign it at a later date and return the extra copy to us.

    I think you will close more deals on the spot. It all depends what type of work you are talking about. Landscape work does take more planning.
  3. Lawnchoice

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    Email them when I can !
  4. 65hoss

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    Depends on what I'm looking at. Cutting usually can be done there, unless its a big area that needs a lot of measuring and calculating. If its a big job that needs some extra thought or figuring materials I will do them later and deliver or mail them.
  5. captaingreen

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    I always go out within the same day and leave an estimate in their hands or on their door. The quicker the better, especially if you can talk to them on the spot. I have sold almost all the estimates I've done when handled that way, it gives you a chance to let them see who you are and sell yourself to them. :D :D :D :D
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi CNYScapes,

    I think that would look really good and hopefully help you sell more jobs on the spot.
  7. walker-talker

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    If I can talk with them personally and hand them the estimate I can make the sale much more times than not. I hate leaving estimates because I just don't close as many deals. Many times they know what they want to spend so if your estimate is within that budget, they will approve on the spot. If you wait to give an estimate, that gives them more time to think about it and/or get other bids. Many times they are waiting on return phone calls from other LCO's.

    As far as printed bids go, personally I would not do this and I have thought about it. You can make a professional carbonless copy estimate form that will improve them enough. If the bid is for landscaping, then you might want to go with a printed estimate form.
  8. DMAN

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    I am thinking about using the system with the 3 carbon copy like you use for my lawn maintenance estimates . Is there any way you could post or email me yours for me to take a look at ? Thanks for your reponse.

  9. Lux Lawn

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    I like to leave the estimate there on the spot.
  10. CamLand

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    I try and leave every estimate on the spot,we are also doing more e-mail estimates much easier for all parties...

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