Do you give itemized estimates??

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I did find a little on this in a search but not enough...

Do you provide an itemized estimate for jobs that list out materials , labor, delivery, etc......right off the bat???

Or, do you wait for the customer to ask for it???


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If you are asking about installs, then, yes, we give itemized estimates/bids. Sort of.

We do the design. Come up with a materials list. The customer sees the materials list, with quantities and sizes, NO INDIVIDUAL PRICES. The materials then have a total amount.

We then figure out our labor, based on the sizes of the materials. Come up with a total amount of hours, apply our hourly rate to that. Figure what equipment we will need, then apply a dollar amount to that. What the customer then sees is a total dollar amount for labor and equipment.

The materials and labor & equipment are then subtotaled. Tax is broken out on a separate line (6% for both labor and equipment). Then a grand total for the project.

All the customer sees is the subtotals. We do not tell them how many hours exactly we expect it to take, we tell them in terms of days. We do not provide dollar amounts for each material, just the subtotal.

Not in the way you are asking. I get the specifications of work from the consumer, along with a anticipated budget, layout the plan with material and price.
I then inform the consumer this is what X plan costs.
If they like it, okay - if not, back to the layout.
I, personally, will not itemize plant costs per plant for a consumer. I definately will not provide a materials sheet or other job related info without an agreement that I be paid for these services provided the consumer wishes to go with someone else.
In other words, I do not do free estimates.
This practice helps to weed out the bargain hunters/pita customers.


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FREE ESTIMATE ! What does that mean ?

Maintenance projects like mulching and yard detailing are offered in the Free Estimate.

Landscaping estimates are different. Usually, homeowners have no plans, drawings, or plant lists when we arrive. In that case, consulting or planning is needed, not an estimate.

Consulting and planning are not free. Those are services we offer. Consulting - if local - is about $25 minimum, and that provides up to an hour and a half. Each additional hour will be at least $20 per hour. We have never had anyone go beyond 2 hours. If homeowners have plans and details available to present to us, a Free Estimate is an option.

Most design plans are done for a fee. We prefer a flat fee, so estimates are provided for our design plan workmanship. Prices start in the realm of $25 for a sketch, and up to $200 or more for an entire residential lot. This includes travel to the site, acquiring some measurements, photographs, drawing the plans, copies, notes and plant lists. Cost will vary according to complexity, lot size and the city we need to travel to.The design is yours even if we do not install it.

The design prices are based on the condition that dimensions and plot plans are provided to us. Otherwise, time is required for measuring, which we are glad to accomodate.
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