Do you grease your pulleys? Have a Surfer &

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by UGA, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. UGA

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    yesterday was going along and was hearing noise from my usually humming deck; also noticed the cut wasn't near as good so I pulled it up to the truck and took the deck lid off (MAN was it HOT) and upon inspecting my pulleys realized that one of them(trim side of deck) was loose so I removed the belt (did I mention how HOT everything was under there) and the pulley came right off; the teeth inside it had stripped. So I know I need to replace the pulley but I was also wondering if these ever get greased. My dealer says no but it just seems entirely too hot in there. As well I think the reason the pulley stripped in the first place was due to the blade bolt's nut not being on quite right (somehow I slightly stripped the top threads of the bolt when changing blades recently) So I am going to replace both the bolt and nut as well but sure would like to reduce the heat in there. Any ideas?
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    I think your gonna have to RE-explain your problem. Not too much of your post made any sense.

    Grease pulleys? Do you mean the spindle bearings? Or the pully to Spindle shaft mounting surface? Are your pulleys Keyed with a woodruff key or are they a keyless type? Never heard of "teeth" that you describe being stripped?

    Belt was loose why?

    Pulley came off with no tools?

    Excess heat from what?

    I'm guessing its a Super Surfer?

    Please elaborate or show a picture.
  3. UGA

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    Well I don't really know how to elaborate more than I have. No it;s not a SSurfer, its a Surfer (before Supers came out) I can say this, it does appear to be keyless and yes I did have to use a socket to get the nut which holds it onto the spindle shaft off. That same nut fits down into those teeth I was talking about inside the pulley;which is why it was loose when I pulled it off; the teeth were so stripped that I could have probably taken the pulley off without undoing the nut. I hope that makes a little more sense; it seems most mowers have different set ups so it may take a GD or Scag owner to know what I am describing.
  4. Phishook

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    No I don't grease my pullys.

    Have you had this appart before? It sounds like it was put together wrong. There is a 1/4" spacer between the pully and nut.
  5. Simone Lawn Service

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    On my Surfer (3 years old) there are no grease points on the mower except for the casters. Did I mention I've replaced 2 different pulleys in the 300 hrs, I've had it since new...Also replaced a spindle w/bearings, two re-coils, throttle cable assembly, clutch ($300), etc.etc. (and I take excellent care of my equipment)
  6. UGA

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    Hey Phish,
    Yes there is and was a spacer between the pulley and the nut;
    Sounds like just a poor design doesn't it? Does your get very hot under the deck?
  7. Simone Lawn Service

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    Yeah, mine also gets pretty hot.
  8. lawnman_scott

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    I would look at the bearings. There is no way to wreck a pulley other than a bearing going bad, and not letting the pulley turn. There are no tools to take it off, just take off the belt and blade, and it slides off the splined shaft. It has sealed bearings also, so it was probably just there time to go. Some hava a grease fitting on the spindle housing, but its just there to fill the housing with grease so condonsation doesnt build up.
  9. tiedeman

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    a pulley of mine snapped a piece off from it, so we had to take it off from the spindle shaft and replace it. Not fun

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